Endorsements; Democrat Party Fail on Greenlight; TBTimes Coverup!

The train is the top priority of the Greenlight Supporters. There is no other reason for them to donate over $650,00 in support for this so far. Expanded bus service is already on the chopping block. By law!

Sun Beam Times Endorsements

The Sunbeam Times offers for your consideration endorsements for the 8/26 Pinellas County Primary. Only those candidates where enough analysis has been done to make a public endorsement are mentioned. Failure to endorse here simply indicates there has not been an evaluation of that race.

Governor: Rick Scott (R), Nan Rich (D); State Senate: Zahid Roy; House (68): Joshua Black

Pinellas County Commission: Norm Roche (District 2); Peter Nehr (4); Tom Razk (6) (see note below)

Pinellas County School Board: Chris Tauchnitz (District 2); Maureen Ahern (District 6)

Referendum: Exemptions for CERTAIN business that will “Create Full Time Jobs” NO! (see note below)

Special Note: Tom Rask has taken John Morroni who …
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