Faulty Forecasts, Targets and Overfunding are Basis and Pinellas Utility Rate Hikes.

The Pinellas Board of County Commissioners is set to consider approving a water and sewer rate hike for over half a million customers on Tuesday night in Clearwater. (Rate hike meeting at 6 pm, 5th floor, 315 Court Street).  The BOCC will base their vote almost exclusively on a paid consultant, Barton and Associates. The Sunbeam Times began analyzing excess reserve fund growth in part last week. Now, the Sunbeam Times has obtained documents showing that the consultant has made faulty cost projections in the past. Further, the Consultant is basing the rate hike on a major over-funding of reserve funds that is well over the policies of Pinellas County Utility department itself. Further, the BOCC has not …
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