Greenlight Pinellas Head Miller Caught in Conspiracy to Defraud US Government and Lie About it.

Greenlight logo and DHS disclaimer on TV ads

Greenlight/PSTA Chair Brad Miller used anti-bus bombing grant money to promote Greenlight Pinellas. He lied about knowing it was a problem. All to promote the highest sales tax in the state for a $2.4 billion crony corporatist rail boondoggle called Greenlight Pinellas. Citizens should vote no.

The head of the local government agency that has created the Greenlight Pinellas plan and its tax hike proposal has been caught in a conspiracy to defraud the U.S. Government. On August 1, PSTA head Brad Miller, (the head of the Greenlight Pinellas plan) was forced to return $354,000 in federal funds that were designed to stop bus bombings but were instead used to promote the Greenlight Pinellas campaign.  At the time PSTA Board …
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