The reason you should resolve to ignore liberal lies in 2017?:"The liberal plan is domination brought on incrementally through intimidation."
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“Leftist Fight Club” at UCF? Did Obama Pressure Pope Benedict to Resign? Helena’s News Roundup!

By 4 days ago

socialist fight club“Leftist Fight Club” at Public University Targets Republicans – Citizen Action

In FL? “A club at a taxpayer-funded univ in FL advocates violence against political conservatives and trains members in a “leftist fight club” open to everyone but Republicans. The group is called Knights for Socialism and, though there are hundreds like it in college campuses across the country, it appears to be in a class of its own for openly threatening violence. Judicial Watch (JW) obtained records under Fl’s Sunshine Law about the group which is operating at the Univ. of Central Florida, a publicly-funded institution in Orlando with an enrollment of about 55,000.The club’s mission is to “establish a new society based on socialism in which democracy is …
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