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Don’t Trust Sewage Dump Kriseman to Pump “Treated” Sewage Underground.

By 1 day ago

St. Pete City Council wonders why raw sewage was pumped in the bay? BECAUSE THEY WASTE TIME on issues that don't belong in government instead of sewage management. Also, all the political sewage they make doesn't help.

The City of St. Petersburg wants to inject treated sewer water into the ground to keep from pumping it into the bay. They say you should trust them to do it right. The City government, reeling from dumping tens of millions of gallons of sewage in to our Tampa Bay Estuary, is scrambling for a way to hide the problem, literally, under a rock. If all goes well, then there should be little problem. However, the history of government and promises by government is that government fails.  Government has legal protection against lawsuits for making massive mistakes called “sovereign immunity”.  That means that if a private company were dumping waste into the bay or underground against regulations, the citizens could …
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