City of St. Pete Says Pay More for Water!

A City Council Committee for the City of St. Petersburg is recommending that the full council raise water fees by 5% in 2012.  This seems like an unncessary rate increase considering that such utilities almost never cut costs they way businesses or others do every day.  Employee Beneifts are usually sky high with outdated PENSIONS (instead of 401K’s) and Health benefits that far outpace those of the citizens who pay the bills.

I have asked for a full financial report from the City to understand why they are raising the rate.

SEPTEMBER 8th Budget Hearing for the City of St. Pete.
Please come out and let your voices be heard.

Here is the letter I sent to the City Council tonight. Let’s see what kind of answer we all get.


Dear City Council
“I am disappointed that a committee has voted to increase water fees by 5%.  I would like to examine the water fee rate study to determine what made your committee agree to recommend a rate increase.


 Can you also please provide as detailed a financial report as possible for the utility that is providing these water services.  If you do not have that information, can you explain why not and give me a contact to investigate further.


In general, It is unacceptable for the city to raise water rates in this economy.  When Water purchases are down, rates go up. When purchases are up, they go up. When investments are down, rates go up.  When investments are good, rates go up.


Why?  Did you committee evaluate the situation thoroughly to understand where costs can be cut?


I look forward to receiving the detailed financial report.

David McKalip, M.D.” 


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  1. David McKalip

    This is clearly an outrage in the making.

    While the rest of us are cutting back with little to no retirement plan, decreasing health benefits and hard to find jobs, the government agencies get richer and richer

  2. David McKalip

    Ok, very interesting numbers at 2012 Budget summary for City of St. Pete.

    Somehow a $3.3 million increase in spending is described as a 1.25% decrease!

    In 2011 the actual cost of Wastewater treatment and Reclamation is on track to be:
    $13 million

    The 2012 planned cost for 2012

    $16.3 million.

    So let’s do some math:
    ((P2-P1)/P1) x 100 = Percent increase
    ((16.3-13)/13) x 100= 25% increase!!!

    So, The City of St. Petersburg has a 25% increase but calls it a 1.25% decrease. I think we should start looking for the rotting fish because SOMETHING SMELLS ROTTEN!!

    Check out page 294 of the budget at:

  3. David McKalip

    Tom, first: praise God and all his works!

    Now, thanks for posting and engaging in civil discussion. I agree conversation is good but a decrease use of water has ALSO been associated with increased fees so they can pay the bureacracy bills!. Only in government do costs go up when consumption goes down.

    As for using taxes on big users, I would offer they already pay more for their use and giving, ore money to bloated governments is not a good idea.

    Welcome to the blog!

  4. David McKalip

    Tom, you give much food for thought when it comes to ways to save money. I would agree, evaluating large desalination plants and reservoirs may be a good way to save money and I will start looking into that.

    As far as big lush green lawns, I am very proud of mind and don’t begrudge others of theirs. If they want to pay for the water so be it. But I submit that their cost per gallon of water should be no greater than any other persons cost per gallon. Sadly, as far as I recall, there already are higher rates for higher volume use.

    Ofcourse, I water my green lawns at two locations with water from deep wells from the Floridan Aquifer.

    Thanks again and stay tuned. Wait till you see the analysis on the PSTA I am working on…..

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