$27 Million Tax Hike Season – Speak Now or Forever Hold Your Peace.

Tax hikes seem to be returning in Pinellas County local governments after an all too brief respite since 2008 or so.  As our economy grinds into a deeper rut, locals want to remove over $27 million from private hands and grow government and its economy-stifling presence.  Many local boards are meeting to hear from the public.  You can be guaranteed that every special interest group will be lining up for a handout, public officials will scream about dangers to public safety and others will say that when they take your money it improves your quality of life.

So, if you want to nip this trend in the bud, it is essential that people show up at these meetings or letters and emails go out to elected officials with these simple messages:

1. No tax Hikes.
2. Cut Spending.
3. Let the private economy work for a change.

Here are the meetings and tax and fee hikes.

Pinellas County EMS Tax hike – $12.3 million
9/6 6:30 pm (Tuesday)
9/15, 6:30 pm (Thursday)
5th Floor Assembly Room, Pinellas County Courthouse, 315 Court Street, Clearwater.
Email: (727) 464-3485
John Morroni jmorroni@pinellascounty.org; Karen Seel, kseel@pinellascounty.org;
Kenneth T Welch
ktwelch@pinellascounty.org; Nancy Bostock nbostock@pinellascounty.org;
Norm Roche
roche@pinellascounty.org; Susan Latvala slatvala@pinellascounty.org

Pinellas Suncoast Transit Authority – $6.3 million
9/7, 6 pm (Wed.)
9/14,  at 6 pm (Wed.)

Map to PSTA hearing site (“behind” Roosevelt Marriott in Carrillon area)
PSTA Budget Public Hearings, 3201 Scherer Dr, St. Pete, FL 33716
or send via email to

City of St. Petersburg – 5% water fee increase
9/8,  6 pm (Thursday)
9/22 (Time to be announced) (Thursday)
St. Petersburg City Hall, City Council Chamber,  175 – 5th St. N., St. Petersburg
Council@stpete.org; Mayor@Stpete.org

Juvenile Welfare Board  – $9 million (2011 budget link, 2012 budget is requested)
9/8 5:30 pm (Thursday)
9/14 5:30 pm (Wednesday)
14155 58th St. N, St. Petersburg
Executive Director: glancaster@jwbpinellas.org