Bad News, Good News. Pinellas County Raises Taxes, Juvenille Welfare Board Cancels Tax Increase.

REMINDER- PSTA meeting to stop $6.3 million tax increase Wed. 9/7 at 6pm and
City of St. Petersburg Meeting to stop 5% water fee increase on 9/8 at 6 pm.
(See Public Meeting Schedule Here)

Bad News: Commisioner Latvala leads the way for 46% EMS Tax hike.  $12.3 million out of the private economy and into a Government Bureacracy.

Good News: Juvenille Welfare Board cancels $9 million tax hike!
Good news first. The Juvenille Welfare Board has thought better of asking for a $9.3 million tax hike.  So there is no need to show up there on Thursday  and ask them not to raise taxes…but there is always the need to ask them to CUT taxes…..although that is never discussed these days!

Bad News: Commisioner Latvala leads the way for 46% EMS Tax hike. GOOD NEWS  COMMISSIONERS BOSTOCK AND ROCHE VOTE NO TO NEW TAXES.

The County commission voted to increase Pinellas EMS property Tax by 46% – which is $12.3 million. They have done this to save money in a reserve account at $25 million.  How many taxpayers do you know get to keep 25% of their expenses in the banks these days.  As is common, Commissioner Latvala used classic fear mongering to justify the increase. She stated that she remembers being here in 2004 when multiple Hurricanes were threatening and wondering what they would do if “the entire ambulance fleet were wiped out” (did they ever think of putting them in a safe place for a while).  She recalled how they had just spent a lot of money out of reserves to buy electronic voting machines  (we remember how well THAT went) and how would people ever get to the hospital and what would happen if all the houses were destroyed so that there would be no property tax revenues at all?

You can stop laughing any time.  In any event, Commissioners Welch, Seel Brickfield and Moroni joined them in voting yes for the increase and they should hear from you (send your thoughts on this to each of the County Commissioner Email Addresses).  Be Sure to Thank Nancy Bostock and Norm Roche for voting no.

It is amusing to see these folks (all but Welch) routinely show up at the Pinellas Republican Executive committee meetings and related events talking up how they are all about small government.  It makes me wonder if they should change their Republican Designation to something else.

Commissioner Moroni was amusing. He complained that we keep kicking the can down the road (by not addressing the out of control EMS costs) and it was “time to pay the piper”.  But, it turns out the only one getting paid is the government bureacrats and protected Union workers. The taxpayer yet again pays the price.

$12.3 million to leave private economy and go to bloated bureacracies.  Is there any question that it is time to replace the Commissioners who raise taxes?  WHo is going to run?  It is time.


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  1. David McKalip

    I beleive that Bob Kersteen was not on the Council when the Property taxes began skyrocketting in 2001. He was on when tax collections were relatively low in the 90’s I believe.

  2. Dan

    It is disheartening that Nancy Bostock & Norm Roche are the only two conservative County Commissioners. Latvalla had the look of a “Deer in the headlights” when anyone would speak against raising taxes and Moronii & Seal wanted to make everyone whole except the Tax Payers. While Brickfield puts up a disengenious argument, he just goes along to get along. They have no clue what “No More Taxes” mean. Adding 22 positions is not cutting taxes or services but extending the working welfare class. The leadership or tenured commisioners Latvala, Moron & Seal all need to go. The county administrator should have been sent back to do his job, make plans without tax increases or adding positions. If its not possible, replace him with someone who can.

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