Last Chance to Stop Multiple Pinellas County Tax Hikes

From Local Activist Kristina Gionet…..
        On August 23, patriots from around Pinellas County assembled at the County Courthouse in Clearwater to confront the wasteful and corrupt spending by our County Commission.  We stood in solidarity and protested on Court Street.  It took One-hour and Forty-five minutes of meeting time for our “courageous” members to speak to the folks who sit on the county commission. It was a lively meeting, covered by Channel 10 news and by the St. Petersburg Times.  At the end-of-the-day, we saved the taxpayers of Pinellas County $5 million dollars in the FY 2012 budget by convincing the commission to vote 4-3 to stop the acceleration of $5 million to purchase land for affordable housing!!!! 

         Today my mind harkens back to Glenn Beck’s Restoring Courage Rally in Israel.  Imagine the courage it took for those who stood by him that day to proclaim righteousness and truth.  Those who called all people to stand for what is decent and proper.  

          Today I am calling on you to act in courage, to restore truth and to stand for what is decent and proper.  I call on you to join me on the protest line and in the assembly hall to combat the wasteful, fraudulent spending of our tax-dollars and to put an end to an over-reaching local government.  

          Do you have the courage?  Do you want to be a critical part of setting things right? Didn’t you want to be a part of the solution?  Well, get up off that couch and join me and several of your fellow patriots and let our local government know that we are here, we are not going away and we are paying attention.

          You do not have to speak at the meeting in order to lend your support.  Your participation in the rally or your attendance at the meeting is all that is required.  Find your COURAGE and plan to join me on Thursday!!

          Again I ask you, please do not allow me to stand alone!

Where: 315 Court Street, Clearwater

When: Thursday, September 15th

Time: Protest/Rally 5:00pm

          Board Meeting  6:30pm

Please RSVP @ or contact Kris @ 727-343-3589

In Freedom,

Kris Gionet, Organizer

Pinellas Patriots 

Talking Points for the Protest/Rally and Board Meeting.


1.  EMS taxes are going up 46%.  Every member of the Board of County Commissioner has declared this system is broken, they have had 3 years to fix it and have kicked-the-can-down-the-road!

2.  12.4 million of the new increases in EMS taxes will be put into a “savings account.”  We cannot save money in this economy, why is the government taxing us so they can?

3. Taxes for Fire Services in 7 Pinellas County Districts are going us, some by as much as 41%.  Why? There was not an explanation!!

4.  Taxes for PSTA are being raised to the tune of $6.3 million. A portion of the $6.3, $3.35 million to be exact will be diverted to a “reserve fund.”  Another savings account for government?  What is going on here?

5. Due to the recently installed $ 5.00 fees at Fort Desoto and Fred Howard Park the county will hire 22 new park employees.  These employees will be part-time and will not “count” as county employees for reporting purposes.  Why? So in official county reports these employees will not show an increase in hires so the county can continue to say that they are still “cutting staff.”

6. It has been reported by an internal Housing Audit that the Housing Financing Authority and the Community Development Departments have on several occasions: outright forgiven loans without proper process and authorization, reduced payback percentage rates mid-contract without proper process and authorization, and have granted longer payback schedules without proper process and authorization.  Further, employees of these two departments enjoy generous travel/spending reimbursements without going through the proper pre-authorization process and review.  And to put a cherry on top of this, one employee received a Crystal Vase as a token of appreciation at the taxpayer expense!

7. We pay $200,000 dollars a year for fluoride to be put in our water!  Mass medication of our residents is an unconstitutional role of government. Residents have to pay to have the fluoride put into the water and if they are allergic to Fluoride, they have to pay for water filtration and/or physician treatment as a result of exposure. Let’s save $200,000 and take care of our own teeth!!