Occupy St. Pete finally Follows the Law and Gets a Permit. Watch them Closely and See What They Want and How they Act.

Based on Actions of the Sun Beam Times, the organizers of the Occupy St. Pete movements were forced to follow the law like the rest of us.  Yesterday they were granted a permit to have a public assembly on South Straub Park. This is a victory for the Rule of Law and Equal Justice.  It sends a message to these organizers that they can not flout the law as is being done all over the country by other Occupiers who run police barricades, overstay their permits, destroy or soli public property or block streets and bridges.  In other words, there will be no tolerance for a breakdown of civil society.  This is the “Broken Windows Theory” applied to grassroots politics (tolerate no infraction of the law, no matter how small, to prevent crime from growing).


 Now the bigger question is Just who are these people and what do they want? Why has one organizer who used to be known as “Dorian Turner” on Facebook now changed her name on Facebook to Dorian Liberty?  Activists like myself have been open and honest about our identities and our goals for years. Online conversations at Facebook and other social media indicate that there is a distrust of corporations in an unholy alliance with the Federal government and the Federal Reserve. Well, who DOESN’t Distrust those unholy alliances?  The question is what would be done to change it?  This reporter would advocate downsizing government, abolishing the Federal Reserve and allowing corporations to prosper or suffer in the same market economy as everybody else. No bailouts, no special regulations to box out competitors, no tax breaks that only they receive. 

 Sadly, it appears that the goal of the Occupy St. Pete Protestors is bigger government, more regulations and wealth redistribution.  We shall watch closely and see.

 One tidbit from Dorian Turner/Dorian Liberty/Occupy St. Pete on Facebook is misguied advocacy for Direct Democracy. In other words masses of people voting for each and every policy decision of our government.  There is a reason our country was created as a Republic and representative democracy.  Such Direct Democracy has a well established history of violating the rights of minorities as mob rule prevails. After the founding our our Country, Alex de Tocqueville toured American and wrote “Democracy in America”.   He astutely warned that democracy can be abused and result in a “Tyranny of the Majority”  a fact that has been recognized even by the very liberal and Progressive New York Times in 2006. We should also remember the words of the Living Legend Thomas Sowell that are emblazoned on the granite memorials at Founders Corner in St. Peterburg:

The most basic question is not what is best, but who shall decide what is best.

What the American Revolution did was to give to the common man a voice, a veto, elbow room and a refuge from the rampaging presumptions of his “betters.

…democracy by itself implies nothing about either freedom or the rule of law. A majority may destroy the freedom of a minority or make the issuance of edicts as arbitrary and discriminatory as it wishes.

 Thomas Sowell


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  1. David McKalip

    Remember the quote of Ben Franklin. “Democracy is two wolves and a lamb voting on what to have for lunch. Liberty is a well-armed lamb contesting the vote” .

  2. vince cocks

    Plutocracy is 400 really, really rich people owning more wealth than 150,000,000 of the other people they share a country with. Copious amounts of wealth in the hands of a few cause empires to crumble. Dr. McKalip, you are a man of faith. The Book of Matthew, Chapter 19, verses 21-24, a parable of eternal life, creates a clear perspective for this writer.

  3. David McKalip

    Vince, thanks for enganging in rational discussion. God and Jesus indeed should be our guide. YOU ARE RIGHT! There is a small group of people sucking taxpayer money and Federal REserve Printing into their hands. The solution is to abolish the FEd and downsize government. Can you agree with that or not? We should stop using government to redistriubte the wealth. You quote Matthew but seem to beleive that Jesus was telling people to sell all their wealth so they can get into heaven. Nonsense. In that story (not a parable) Jesus was asked by a man if what he must do to to have eternal life (MT 19:16) and Jesus said simply “Keep the Commandments”. But the follower was NOT SATISFIED. He sought what no mortal man could have: perfection. He asked: What shall I do to be perfect and Jesus saod “If you seek Perfection sell all your riches. Yet, there are two lessons here. ONe: Man can NOT acheive Perfection. and Two: We can get rid of our materail wealth but it must be a VOLUNTARY ACT! We cannot redistribute wealth away in some government mandated action based on the accounts of Jesus in the Bible. No government program will bring salvation or end poverty. Further, there is a more important poverty than MATERIAL POVERTY. There is SPIRITUAL POVERTY and that can not be cured by taxation. Finally, we should consider that our most poor are richer than 99% of people on earth.

    Thanks for engaging. Now, lets stop talking problems and start talking solutions.

  4. vince cocks

    I see it differently. Not being flush with cash, I dedicate my time to serving my neighbor. As the world is, examples can be made from countries, such as those in Scandinavia, to best serve all. I am a simple man. You interpret the Book of Matthew as you choose, as will I. The Beatitudes give me hope.

  5. vince cocks

    I did not say, nor do I believe that Jesus was telling people to “sell their wealth” as a means to “buy” their way into heaven. Christ said the most important Commandment to keep is to love the Lord with all thy heart and all thy mind. The next most, according to The Saviour, is to love thy neighbor as you love thyself. If I have something, in order to keep that thing, I should give it away to help my brother. One has to admire Warren Buffet’s wealthy friend that hoped the “last check I write bounces”.

  6. David McKalip

    Vince, I consider you a friend and a personal spiritual guide. I am merely pointing out that people can only gain salvation by voluntary acts. I was pointing to the actual question that Jesus was responding to. Context is important. I see no need for every person to bve a hermit. You must do, as I do, many and robust acts of charity. I think the Warren Buffet Crowds are total hypocrites. They could become hermits tomorrow if they wanted. However, I am very worried that my Christian faith is being misused to advocate big government programs in the name of social justice as I have said in articles on FAST. See you at the FAST event tonight maybe…..

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