Liberate St. Pete, Don’t Occupy it. Liberate Wall Street. Liberate America

I was thinking about the “Occupy” movement and what their goals are.  I will be analyzing this movement closely and have already discovered a couple of themes worth noting.  But as I was thinking about it, I thought, does my town really need an “occupation” ? What does that do?  No, St. Petersburg, Wall Street and America need something else:  Liberation. Liberate St. Pete. Liberate Wall Street and Liberate America.

 So how is St. Petersburg in need of Liberation?  We need to be liberated from big government, high taxes, excessive regulation and crony capitalism. High property taxes have contributed to foreclosures and regulations have damaged small businesses leading to fewer jobs.  Big government includes union workers with pension and health benefits that far surpass those in the private sector – all that must be bailed out by the taxpayer or threaten our city with bankruptcy.  Some corporations are picked as “Winners” by those in government and given special treatment, taxpayer subsidies, valuable land and the like.  This creates uneven competition and often results in decisions that help create profits for private companies at the expense of the little guy –  like Solyndra nationally and the Tampa Bay Rays locally. 

So, let’s Liberate St. Pete from the REAL occupation.  We the citizens have been occupied for decades now by our government. Occupied by the Federal Reserve for a century.  Occupied by politicians who routinely shred the constitution.  Occupied now by a President who sends our valuable men and women in the military to war without even consulting Congress.  So, let’s Liberate St. Pete and restore the constitution and we will have freedom, peace and prosperity.


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  1. ed

    dr McKalip, i admire your principles and what you have done locally to help taxpayers. i agree with your message of liberation, but we can join the occupy wall street movement in harmony. have you looked at the occupy the fed movement by alex jones at infowars?

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