UHURU complains that Racist message is Rejected by Occupy St. Pete; Uhuru Calls for “Deepening the Crisis”

The Uhuru Movement continues to try to agitate within the Occupy St. Pete Movement, this time by challenging  those in the Occupy Movement who are rejecting Racist messages supported by Uhuru.  The Uhuru movement published a picture of a sign from an Occupy Wall Street Protester in its print edition “Burning Spear” paper that accompanied its “Official Statement” of the International People’s Democratic Uhuru’s Movement (InPDUM) (here).  The sign stated “White People Live At the Expense of the Rest of the 99%”. Uhuru was handing them out next to the Occupy St. Pete Assembly.

wallstreetoccupyerandracistsignWhite People Live at the Expense of the Rest of the 99%?  Really?

Will this sort of Racist Rhetoric be Rejected by ALL of the Occupy Movement?  Will the mainstream media expose and publicize this or is that only for the Tea Party Movement?  Will politicians and other community groups reject this sort of hatred?

The sign became the subject of a debate on the Occupy St. Petersburg Facebook Page when members advised people not to use such language or bring such signs to the Occupy Event. Thus a local Uhuru member showed up to complain about being mistreated and simply lied about the circumstances. He claimed that Occupy facilitators and leaders were attacking him personally for things he said at the last meeting and online. However, he was never the subject of the complaints which were directed at the person holding the racially charged sign in New York.  This sort of deception is common in groups that have a loose set of rules for operations and allows for propaganda and misinformation to catch fire and foment trouble.

Uhuru Member inaccurately accuses Occupy Leader of engaging in personal attacks on him and his organization.  States he was attacked personally and for his particular statements at the previous weeks gathering.  However, he was not the subject of the Facebook conversations he refers to.  He is deceiving the crowd in what may be an attempt to gain political support.

The Occupy members were also upset with another statement made at an organizational meeting this past week in which one person stated “White males” were predominating in the room.  Clearly the people and groups most commonly associated with the Left and the liberal movements are attracted to the Occupy Movement and unfortunately they have a history of racial and sexist rhetoric that tends to blame whites and men for their ills. Now this reporter can easily be attacked for raising this subject since I made the mistake of forwarding the email that contained an image someone else made of President Obama looking like a witch doctor.  I apologized and resigned from two key positions – then was re-elected to those and other positions later.  I recognized that the image was highly offensive and confessed that I made a mistake and asked forgiveness.  However, while the condemnations on my behavior are legend, there never seems to be a condemnation of this racist rhetoric used by other groups.  Why are there no calls for local groups, politicians, churches and others to dissociate themselves from Uhuru?  Why are there no calls for the editor of the Burning spear to step down for printing a picture of this racist sign?

The same article showing the racist language also called for the occupy Wall Street movement to “deepen the crisis” for the ruling class. While it is clear that there is a crisis, the one the Uhuru’s refer to is a crisis for the “ruling class”. Sadly ,they don’t seem to identify any solutions, merely more chaos and more crisis.  It would be far wiser to advocate for changes that downsized the government that creates the opportunity for corporate corruption for groups like Solyndra, GM, and General Electric. All were recipients of taxpayer subsidies or bailouts and were responsible respectively for loss of half a billion taxpayer dollars, loss of returns to GM bondholders, and a complete absence of tax payments by GE as they ship jobs overseas and have a key economic advisory role with the Obama administration. Clearly the crisis is in the existence of a government that is out of control and providing special treatment to favored corporations.

Luckily, the American people see the racial double standard for what it is and are not interested in being divided by the race card any longer. The American people – as embodied by the Tea Party Movement and the Occupy St. Petersburg movement – are thinking about the fundamental principles that create peace and prosperity in our world and our communities.  They would rather debate the issues than allow groups to spread racist messages of hate. We shall see who prevails in the Occupy movement – those with reason or those who pedal hate.