Occupy St. Pete Secretly Targeting Individuals, Businesses and Public Spaces for “Direct Action”; Self-Righteously Reject Liberty and Claim to be the “Just” Rulers on Which We Can Rely.

Well, it is official:  They Occupy movement is the 1%.  They are also secretly planning unlawful “direct action” to disturb the peace and engage in other violations of the property and personal rights of others. After working now for 6 weeks to try to understand what Occupy St. Pete and the overall Occupy movement wants to accomplish, what they really want is clear:  socialism, an end to our American political system and the right to violate any law they deem unjust.  This reporter has attended numerous public and private meetings, recorded hours of video, engaged in web research and online debates to reach these conclusions.  I have worked to try to influence the movement to embrace individual liberty, limited government, free markets and the rule of law.  However, the movement is quite clearly embracing the opposite in each case. Rather than recognizing that individuals have freedom that is their right naturally, they embrace that men’s rights come from a big government.  While recognizing that crony capitalism is destroying America, they refuse to recognize that this can only happen when corporations do so when they can abuse the powers a large government has granted to itself outside the limits of the Constitution.  Instead of seeing the benefits of a true free market that allows the poor the opportunity to become prosperous, they seek to seize the private property of others and redistribute it to people they choose.  Finally, they continue to reject the “rule of law” that is the foundation of a civil society and embrace a mentality of the “rule of man”.  Under the rule of the self-appointed “benevolent” ruling class they would inhabit, all other members of society are simply to trust that their freedom and rights will be preserved. Sadly, the Occupy the movement has demonstrated that it will not respect the individual rights of others in American society. They continue to lay claim to a self-righteous vision of justice but have no problem occupying public property that the taxpayers own and control –blocking all others from using it. They have no problem attempting to kidnap a bank executive and calling it a “citizen’s arrest”. They seem to believe they have uncovered a crime but offer no evidence, no court system to review a warrant and no police force that is accountable to the people.  Instead, they offer a vigilante justice and a drumhead court. They continue to contemplate entering and seizing “unused property” they deem as being “blighted” offering vague references to social justice, while really they merely look to find a free place to crash.  No the larger Occupy movement is not about freedom, justice, law or even the safety of individuals in society. It is about chaos, injustice, arbitrary rules by arbitrary people with hidden political agendas they refuse to reveal.  In other words, they will be the 1% ruling over us, all while cloaking themselves in the propaganda of claiming to represent the masses. Nothing could be further from the truth.  This will become apparent as the Occupy movement escalates its unlawful tactics.  Hopefully enough Americans will be awake to this reality, reject their vision and restore America to its constitutional foundation.

Exchange between Reporter and OSP members on the desire of “Direct Action” working Group members Imre Ieandrzykievits  and Lenny Flank to secretly decide who they are going to “target” and ensure that they are “safe” in hatching their unlawful plans. Imre has described himself as a “Rhodes Marxist” and Lenny identifies himself as a “general commie socialist anarchist radical agitator” at the “Daily KOS”.

 A particularly eye opening episodes is illustrated here in a YouTube video I created at an Occupy Meeting on 11/26 in South Straub Park.  First, the good news.  The meeting turned out about 20 people – diehards along with an “occupier” from Tampa who is trying to help them grow and occupy public space “when they are ready”.  Simply looking at their group compared to the large crowd living and enjoying downtown St. Pete that day revealed them to be the 1% compared to everyone else…the 99%.  At the beginning of the meeting a young woman was handed a pre-printed script to read from the leaders (THERE ARE LEADERS).  She dutifully read each word verbatim about how this was a “horizontally integrated” organization that is unencumbered by “bureaucracy” and is “transparent” to all and inclusive and diverse.  They then proceeded to mention about a dozen committees working on items and intended to discuss 15 mundane items for 15 minutes each including how to or if to take minutes.  One of the attendees instantly complained that this was incredibly bureaucratic when he couldn’t get the group to make a simply statement in support of another cause that day without intense committee work.  The people who are the clear leaders seem to interrupt the highly regulated, time limited means of speaking with impunity.  While most of the attendees are limited to two minutes and must get in line to speak and must obey the process, the leaders can and do interrupt any time they want, take as much time as they need, change the subject, violate the processes and generally demonstrate that the law is whatever the leaders say the law is (kind of like the Queen in “Alice in Wonderland).

However, the most troubling thing I witnessed before I opted to leave and spend some time with my family was the fact that there is a “Direct Action” working group (committee) that is secretly planning to engage in “civil disobedience” or other unlawful activities. The discussion was on keeping minutes for each working group. The other groups seemed to have no problem with minutes being recorded and posted for all to see on the website for the Occupy St. Pete Group.  Not this group. The Working Group for “Direct Action” honestly reported what they wanted: secrecy. They admitted that they must act in secret lest their planned “civil disobedience” would be revealed ahead of time and possibly thwarted. In a newspeak twist that only George Orwell could appreciate, they modified their plan to ensure that minutes would not be made public if it would violate the “safety” of those in the Direct Action working group.  Well now. What about the safety of individuals they may injury by their direct action through possible Citizen’s Arrests, breaking and entering, those who can’t get an ambulance to reach them if a street is blocked, private businesses shut down due to civil unrest or unruly crowds, economic injury to the public for ports blocked and the like?  Apparently the “safety” of those who are engaging in pre-mediated unlawful acts is more important.


It is comical to listen to these “Occupiers” attempt to equate their so called “Civil disobedience” actions to those of Martin Luther King or Ghandi.  Those heroes were willing to personally risk their safety and their liberty to do simple things like sit at the front of the bus or at a lunch counter that had been off limits to blacks.  In India, they had confronted, peacefully, a global military superpower to gain independence.  What do the Occupiers want to change?  Do they want to stop high loan payments for college loans?  Then be truly courageous and break the law by not paying them!  Do they want to get to the heart of what CAUSED corporate cronyism? Then go sit in the halls of Congress where is started and do a sit in to insist that the government get OUT of the college load game.  Do they want to truly help the poor who are being hurt by high electricity prices due to our government created monopoly of a public utility?  Then REFUSE to pay your electric bill and do a sit in Tallahassee and demand that the public utility model end and that competition be allowed in the energy market place.  But don’t try to equate yourselves morally to the civil rights movement when all you are doing is engaging in kidnapping, breaking and entering, disturbing the peace, violating the property rights of others, shouting down others engaged in free speech and desecrating our shared public property. 

This rant will continue a little longer so the Sun Beam Times can close the first chapter on this movement and focus on other issue. Clearly the Occupy movement wants to reject and end our current political system. They seek a “direct democracy” where mob rule prevails at the ballot box. They seek to end the system of electing leaders that represent us, as we do in our republic, and replacing them with computerized polling in a constant fashion.  This will become apparent as the movement continues. In short they seek an utter end of the American Political System and would have it replaced entirely with something else: pure, unadulterated socialism.  Make no mistake, these Occupy movement will expand its unlawful and chaotic tactics as our global economic crisis deepens and the world descends into global war.  It will be up to Americans to preserve America and reject their efforts.  Thankfully many of the members of the movement are young and they will thank us later.


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  1. Tom Tito

    I’m sorry that I missed that meeting, I would have voted to recorded minutes of every decision.
    So far I support the actions that I know about, like the litter pickup and protesting Bank of America.

  2. David McKalip

    Tom, my friend ,I am afraid their is nothing that such rational engagement can do to change the course of these misguided folks. They will have some legitimate activities to give themselves credibility. however, they will soon descend into anarchist activity. I fear for our city and Tampa when the Republican Convention comes to town. Violence is guaranteed.

  3. Chuck Terzian

    David, once again you make numerous assumptions and defame your own logic in the process. Just because a legal action or civil disobedience isn’t one you agree with as being the best way to accomplish something doesn’t mean it is invalid. Your perspective is not necessarily the right perspective or the only right perspective.

    You speak of the Movement as a whole as accepting or rejecting things without data to support that claim. You’ve talked to individuals and I’m sure you’ve not talked with the majority of Occupy St. Pete. So your assertions about what any group wants or supports are way off base, not rooted in logic and alarmist at best, libelous at worst. This is why you make it hard for people to work with you. Your negative framing and defamation of the things you find hard to discuss doesn’t make people want to work together with you on common goals.

  4. Morgan Wright

    Since OSP’s numbers are so insignificant as to label us the 1%, and we are comical, I wonder that you have devoted so much time to us. Direct action does not necessarily mean illegal–just sometimes it should be a surprise! I was gratified and amused to be referred to as a “diehard”, and also to find myself right in the center of almost the whole video, coloring my signs. I really don’t think other Americans need be alarmed and wary of me. Or the rest of OSP.

  5. David McKalip

    Morgan, I am paying attention to OSP for two reasons. 1. it is a VERY significant movement. 2. I had hoped to influence members to embrace limited government, free markets and individual liberty. Unfortunately the movement is REJECTING all of these things.

    The tactics of the organization are very sad and dangerous. They routinely violate the rights of others and then complain when the law stops them from violating those rights. A clear double standard.

    As far as you, I am sure you are just a peaceful person in the movement. Sadly, the true leadership which has yet to be revealed in public are not so benevelont. I am truly frightened for you and your friends who will be used by these people.

    Here is a little demonstration that will exemplify your movement and your personal involvement in it.
    Please answer these questions directly. Be as direct as I have.

    1. Do you beleive that socialism is a good thing that America should embrace?

    2. Do you renounce the violent activities I enumerated in the post a couple of days ago here: http://sunbeamtimes.com/2011/11/20/occupy-st-pete-embraces-declaration-of-occupation-but-wont-renounce-unlawful-uncivil-and-violent-acts-why-prepare-your-kids-over-thanksgiving-.aspx

    I look forward to your responses as it will tell everyone reading this alot about your objectives. Of course a lack of response will tell alot more.


  6. David McKalip

    Thanks CHuck. I appreciate your perspective. ALlowing me to have two minutes to speak at an open stack is not engaging in rational discussion. HAving a few private conversations with leaders such as yourselves is. However, the group is where decisions are made and my views are censored in the group. It is sad.

    I have been kicked out of your private forums for daring to ask people to renounce violence. where is the right to free speech you all claim to value so much? I know what your group wants, but until you come out and say what your group REALLY wants, then others will be free to label you at will.

    I wish you all the luck in the world and lament what will be coming from Occupy St. Pete.

  7. Morgan Wright

    OSP VERY significant. Wow. I’m afraid that, as with many important questions, I cannot answer either #1 or #2 with a simple Yes or No. Perhaps I will have the opportunity to speak with you at a future OSP gathering. I would like to know who the “true leadership” is–do you have concrete knowledge, or are you drawing a conclusion from inescapable facts? I do not see that the Occupy movement in general, or OSP in particular, has advocated violence. And shame on you for manipulating a response from me (and shame on me for allowing myself to be manipulated!) Looking forward to talking with you.

  8. David McKalip

    Oh Mr. Montoya, I DID execpt you to target me for exposing some of these activities in public.

    I would expect nothing less than threats from folks like you. You see, I have respected your process from day one, but you apparently think it is okay to threatent people with Lord knows what. Do you seek to intimidate me into silence?

    So sad.

    The police have been notified of your threat.


  9. Jennifer

    Keep up the great work Doc, many of us support you even though we don’t always join in on the debates. Don’t let the loser commies intimidate or use their alinsky style against you to silence you. We were the silent majority, we no longer are silent, but we are still the majority.

    I think your 1% is spot-on, these twits have no idea!

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