“Liberty and Justice for All Rally” in St. Pete Saturday, 1/21/12

Sun Beam Times to Sponsor the “Liberty and Justice for All” Rally.  The event is scheduled for North Straub Park on 1/21/12, a Saturday, from 2-5 pm. Sun Beam Times founder Dr. David McKalip is also sponsoring the event and organizing it.  Many partners have been forth coming to assist with making the event a success.  Stay tuned for exciting announcments as the event date draws closer.

The “Liberty & Justice For All” Rally
Downtown St. Petersburg, 2-5 pm (sat.)
A Rally for America’s Future

America is at a crossroads and can choose the well known path that leads to peace and prosperity or transform to a mediocre country of servants. If Americans embrace the easy choice of Liberty and Justice for all, America will again be the beacon of success to the world for the next century.

On January 21, 2012 Americans will assemble on the St. Petersburg Waterfront to celebrate those key features that can make America the envy of the world again at the “Liberty and Justice for All” rally. We will remind our fellow citizens that America is great because Americans are good. That Americans adhere to a higher moral code that respects the dignity and natural rights of each individual person. Americans love their neighbor as they love themselves. They recognize that these rights are granted, as Thomas Jefferson said “by Nature and of Nature’s God”. Americans recognize that God taught us that if we allow each person to reach their full potential, they will best work for the common good of all, naturally, in a free society.

The Liberty and Justice Rally will feature speakers that offer historic and concrete examples of how peace and prosperity is best obtained.

·Local pastors will remind us of God’s teachings that create a moral people and lead the crowd in reflection and prayer.

·Local civic leaders and nationally known figures will address the gathering on the value of Liberty, Free Markets, Charity, limited government, and sound money.

·Local activists will inform attendees on important issues such changes in election laws, health care, and ballot and state issues.

·Ethical and spiritual leaders will describe the fundamentals of moral action, sound ethics and the real meaning of social justice.
·As the Presidential Primary approaches on January 31, all Presidential candidates will be invited to participate or send a representative.

Through the Liberty and Justice Rally the crowd will be enriched with an understanding of the ethical and spiritual roots of liberty and respect for the individual rights of our fellow man. Those attending the “Liberty and Justice for All” Rally will gain concrete and practical knowledge that can help them bring America forward to a lasting peace and prosperity that All Americans crave.

If you are interested in participating as a vendor or would like to host a seminar during the rally, contact sponsor Dr. David McKalip at 727-822-3500 or dmckalip@neuro3.net.