Jumping Jack Flash – TAX TAX TAX! A short-sighted tax from Senator Jack Latvala.


Senator Jack Latvala is working to solve a major problem. Apparently, school systems are running out of money.  They can’t seem to find enough to spend.  So the Republican Senators from West Pinellas County has decided to take bold action.  Is he calling on the School Board to actually spend less money?  NO!  Senator Jack Latvala feels the best way to solve the budget shortfalls of local school districts is to RAISE MORE TAX MONEY!  In fact, he wants to tax one of the safe havens that helps people buy goods and avoid paying taxes to wasteful governments.  Senator Jack Latvala says tax all your purchases on the internet!  One wonders if the Senator has considered a few things before he decided to advocate for a new tax on Floridians based on one in California.

  1. Raising any taxes hurts individuals the most during a recession.  Floridians are hurting in this down economy. Why should people who need to save a buck to keep supporting their family be asked to pay more?
  2. Raising taxes hurts the economy the most during a recession.  Our economy can’t take the burden of another tax draining funds out of private hands and into the wasteful hands of government.  We need to keep money circulating in the private economy, not starve it of capital.  The State of California implemented such a tax in 2011 and they estimate it will remove $317 million from their economy.
  3. Raising taxes creates unintended consequences.  In California, 25,000 companies that pay  over $152 million in California income taxes are likely to leave the State of California. These companies function as intermediaries for companies like Amazon and Overstock that pay per click for referrals of sales. No more.  Thus California loses job creators would leave the state along with their money.  This helps no one.
  4. The school systems have been wrongly claiming  “poverty” for years.  They wrongly claimed that they could not lose a penny when they were at their fatest in 2006-2007.  Attempts by citizens to cut local property taxes were decried as draconian, impossible and destructive to the school system. That has not occurred! The school district have cut budgets back as property values have fallen and there is no catastrophe.  In fact there is more room to cut.
  5. The schools have ample places to cut.  The health benefits of the school system employees far outpace those of the taxpayers who support them.  Family members receive subsidies for health insurance along with employees.  The insurance policies are union-approved “cadillac plans”.   They have made no attempt to grow the use of health savings accounts and high deductible health plan which are lower cost and higher value.  They have defined pension plans that are a relic of the past and can’t be funded.  The citizens are constantly bailing out fat union pension plans that are not fully funded.  The teachers unions need to change course and allow their employees to  own their own retirement plans – like a 401K . They need to give teachers raises to fund these plans and get the retirement costs off the backs of the taxpayers.  Then the teacher can decide how much to save for retirement. There is also massive waste in bussing, magnet schools that are special places for a small percentage of lucky lottery winners, excess bureaucrats, administrators and social service programs.
  6. Our schools are failing despite more money than ever. The schools consistently deliver low quality.  Parents must participate in a lottery to get a good school. Kids can’t stay in a good neighborhood school.  There is a massive achievement gap for African-Americans compared to all other races.  Why throw more money at a program like that. It is time for vouchers.

Senator Jack Latvala always seems to support more taxes for more government and consistently fights against cuts in bloated government programs that are failing.  He believes that companies are getting away with something by exploiting what he calls a “loophole”.  No Senator, keeping your own money is not a loophole.  Keeping your own money is called freedom. While he “Jumping Jack Tax” extolls the virtues of this tax in California, he doesn’t also remind Floridians of the failures of California which is going down the tubes in debt like Greece.

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  1. David Simpson

    We need more taxes, like a drowning man needs an anchor. It’s time the school system needs to realize there are no more lifelines to be had. We’ve have known for years that when the school system receives more money it does not result in higher academics, so change the system to reflect more of what does work. What does the fundamental schools and magnet schools have that other schools do not?.. more parental support and involvement. This in turn constitutes a better understanding between what is expected of a student and parent. If this is done across the board you will end up with higher academic scores and the states goal will be satisfied. It should not take brain surgery (sorry no pun intended) or lottery to get this done, nor does raising taxes give you the desired results. It is sad to think that legislators continue with this flawed thinking. Taxing internet sales will only result in a further slowdown of our small business infrastructure and will create more waste. We know for a fact that leaving it in the hands of big government,will not go towards the problem. because in effect they are the problem. Retirement benefits for city and school employees need to be in line with what the average american 401K. Pension plans are a thing of the past that we can no longer afford. If money is to be spent,let it be on educating the parents on their fiscal responsibilities within their own family about their childrens future and to rely less on government. I guarantee there will be more jingle in your pocket as a result rather than in some representative making poor decisions further up in the line of command. Final word GET INVOLVED

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