Dr. Julio Gonzales to Describe a Better Vision for American Health Care at Liberty and Justice for All Rally 1/21/12 on St. Pete Waterfront.

The Liberty and Justice for All Rally is proud to announce an outstanding speaker on health care freedom: Dr. Julio Gonzales.  Dr. Gonzales will address the crowd and describe a better system for health care in America based on freedom and the sanctity of the patient-physician relationship. He will describe how such a system will lower costs, increase access to care and ensure the best level of quality and innovation in medicine in the world.

JulioGonzalesMDDr. Julio Gonzalez is a board certified Orthopedic surgeon practicing in Venice, Florida. He is the author of Health Care Reform: The Truth. Dr. Gonzalez has delivered numerous speeches throughout Florida on health care reform and medical freedom.  He is the founder of the Bradenton Based Institute for Medical Freedom which is
dedicated to the preservation of medical care unencumbered by regulatory interference or influences external to the conversations and discussions undertaken by patients and their doctors in the privacy of physician’s office, patient’s home, nursing home dormitory, or hospital room.

Dr. Gonzales offers: “It is our firm belief that any factor interfering with the decisions made by patients and their doctors conflicts with the best interests of the patient and serves only to reduce the quality and sophistication of his or her care.”  Further he states “any concession on the part of the American people regarding ownership or control of their health care will inevitably serve to provide undue leverage upon the very people who conceded this authority.”


The Liberty and Justice for All Rally in St. Petersburg will present a vision for a peaceful and prosperous American future based on God’s expectations for us all and the founding principles of our country. The event will be held at North Straub Park in St. Petersburg from 2-5 pm on Saturday, 1/21/12 and is open to the public. The Facebook Page for the Rally is located here. The Rally will be inviting each Presidential Campaign to attend either through a representative, a video message or the candidate themselves.