Pastor “Brent” Stancil: The Christian Basis of Liberty

The Liberty and Justice for All Rally proudly announces the second of four pastors to speak at event.

stancilDr. John Walker “Brent” Stancil is a graduate of Midwestern Baptist College in Pontiac, Michigan. After graduation, he served as an assistant to Dr. Tom Malone, Sr. at the Emmanuel Baptist Church also in Pontiac. He served three years in Michigan before accepting the call to Val Verde Baptist Church in July of 1997 until May of 2009. At that time, following God’s clear leading, he assumed the pastorate of Community Bible Baptist Church. Preacher, as he is known by his congregations, conducts revival meetings and Bible conferences across America as well as in several foreign countries. He is also a sought after youth and college preacher conducting Bible College and Christian school revivals throughout the year.

Pastor Stancil is scheduled to speak on “The Christian Basis of Liberty”. He will explain the freedom we each have as is granted to us by God. How that freedom is essential so we may exercize our free will and best lead a moral life that serves our fellow man and God.  The path to individual salvation comes through individual liberty and the salvation of the individual it can bring.