St. Pete: Ask for Budget with Lower Taxes – Not Higher Taxes!


The City of St. Pete must have forgotten.  They must not remember what it was like.  Back in the days when we had a booming economy.  Back in the days before they helped to destroy it!  Now they have a “great” idea: maybe it is time to raise taxes.  Apparently they think higher taxes will help the economy and forget that it was their outrageous property tax burden that helped kill businesses and jobs, hurt home owners, kept retirrees from moving here. It led to a migration of people out of the city and county.    That is why it is so perplexing that, according to the Tampa Bay Times, the City Council Chair James Kennedy wants an alternate budget proposal from the mayor with higher property taxes and one with no tax increases.

stpetepropertytaxesDoes the government REALLY need more of your money?  Maybe it is time they asked for a budget with LOWER rates, not higher rates.

The local governments never learn. They have a certain world view that the people are here to serve them, not the other way around.  There is only one move that is appropriate now for property taxes:  cut them further. We still need to cut back to the levels of about year 2000 adjusted for inflation and population.  If we stop taking the money that people earned and let them spend it in a free economy, many benefits will ensue.  The economy will grow again as businesses find more working capital.  More jobs will be available.  More people will stay in St. Pete.  More retirees will move here.  In the end, a predictable thing will happen when we cut property tax rates even more:  The government will collect MORE tax revenues.  This is a fact that President Kennedy recognized when he cut the oppressive post-FDR tax rates of the 50’s. That is what happened when Reagan cut the oppressive Jimmy carter year tax rates.

So city council, instead of asking for an alternative budget that has higher property taxes, here is a better idea. Ask for an alternative budget that has LOWER TAXES!  Then you will see where all the fat is in the city budget that needs cutting. The unnecessary and failed government programs. The corporate welfare. The out of control government worker benefits. The federally motivated public works boondoggle projects. The bureacratic waste.

 When our City Council thinks and acts publicly to cut taxes instead of raising them, then we will have a City Council that serves the people rather than expecting them to be servants to the government.


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  1. David Simpson

    Their at it again. Fool people that they haven’t raised millage rates in years and now its time to do so, but convienently forget to tell people they didn’t have to in the past because of huge windfalls from high property valuations. Now valuations have come down and they want to raise millage rates to keep the money flowing, when in fact they need to cut their budgets to reflect the dire economic conditions we live in. Big government at work once again. I hope people are more aware of these ploys now than in 2006.

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