New Speaker/Directions: Liberty and Justice for All Rally

Liberty and Justice for All Rally Sat. 1/21/12, St. Petersburg Downtown Waterfront.
New Speaker!
Elizabeth Morowati –a Jewish Perspective on Liberty and Justice.

Mrs. Morowati is a Jewish community activist from Tampa who is a member of the Hillsborough County Republican Executive committee.  She is descended from European Jews who suffered and fled from persecution. She is a career architect and contractor trained in Jerusalem who is a devoted wife, mother and daughter. 


What to Bring: Chair/blanket, sunglasses/hat, coins for meters, respect for your fellow man, snack/water.
Thanks to City of St. Petersburg, Parks Department and Police Department for Security.

Tampa Bay residents will gather at 2 p.m. on Saturday, January 21, 2012 on the St. Petersburg waterfront to celebrate the distinctly American ideal of “Liberty and Justice for All”. The unifying theme will be on the moral pathway laid out by nature and God for mankind: Liberty and Justice for All. The rally message is one of mutual respect, tolerance and love and offering a vision of a better future for all.

          We will be joined by Pastors from local churches who will discuss the Christian Basis of Liberty and Justice and Faith in action, as well as community leaders describing the power and benefits of individual liberty which encompasses free markets, property rights, rule of law and limited government.  The Jewish Perspective on Liberty and Justice will also be offered. The crowd will be entertained by a live band and two great soloists.  Historic videos will be featured on a large screen of Reagan, MLK, Eisenhower and others.

          America is at a crossroads and we are being offered different paths forward, but one ensures that all men and women are free to reach their full potential. This path provides for a peaceful and prosperous society that enables people to embrace their natural rights, achieve their individual dreams and lifts the most people out of poverty.  The Declaration of Independence recognizes that we are entitled to these rights by “the Laws of Nature and Nature’s God”. Along with Life and Liberty is the right to be secure in the property we own so our products and services can be traded in a free market.  Our rally will describe the function of the true free market; not the caricature operating in America today. A true free market allows the voluntary exchange of the fruits of our labor with others in contractual relations that are protected by the Rule of Law. The Rule of Law contrasts sharply to the rule of man where the arbitrary whim of one person can overcome natural rights and the operations of a freedom. (continued below….)

          Our rally will celebrate these freedoms and the belief held by so many that God has moral expectations for mankind; among them to exercise free will and reach their full potential.  He expects men and women to live responsible lives that do not impose demands on others, but encourages voluntary charity that helps others in their time of need. God expects a society that respects His expectations by providing for universal liberty and a true justice.  True liberty and justice does not allow for panels of men to pick winners and losers or determine constrained circumstances and outcomes. 

          God expects people to be able to freely choose their path to success in ways that are moral and do not violate the natural rights of others. He expects their chosen government to respect those rights and defend them.  It matters not what belief system, denomination or church a person belongs to, only that they recognize that there are natural or divine rights and expectations for individual people.

We encourage all to attend the Liberty and Justice for All Rally and decide for themselves if the path laid out is one they can embrace as the best choice forward for America.  


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  1. Carole Bowers

    THank you Doctor for all you did for this rally today. I am so proud of the way
    you go right out front for God and Country. We enjoyed the rally and were very
    sad that more didn’t come. You did you part so well.
    God bless you,
    Carole Bowers

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