My Vote for Ron Paul

My fellow Americans,

I am very proud to have cast my vote for Ron Paul for President last Friday in the Florida Presidential Primary. 


 Ron Paul will ensure that the government serves it primary and sole function: to protect our liberties.

RonPaulBallotRon Paul will follow the Constitution. Always.

Ron Paul will cut government down to the proper size.

Ron Paul will work to end the Federal Reserve and work to restore a sound dollar.

Ron Paul recognizes that our foreign policy is held hostage to the Federal Reserve and the debt we owe to others. He acts accordingly.

Ron Paul will work to stop the cruelest tax on the poor: Inflation.

Ron Paul will make sure that my children don’t owe a debt to foreign bankers and foreign governments.

Ron Paul will make sure that I make my own health care decisions and not a government or corporate bureaucracy.

Ron Paul will not interfere as my business grows and will not make me pay for the mistakes of others when their business fails.

Ron Paul will not interfere in my personal success and will not make me pay for the personal failures of others.

Ron Paul will allow the market to work and make personal responsibility the hallmark of American success.

Ron Paul will stop the government redistributionism that seizes the fruits of my labor.

Ron Paul will promote private charities and recognizes that charity is more effective at helping others than a government program.

Ron Paul will stop the citizen-spying of the “Patriot” act and the indefinite detention and abolition of due process of the NDAA.

Ron Paul will make sure that my son and daughters and nieces and nephews do not die on some foreign beach in a war for bankers and politicians.

Ron Paul will properly and forcefully defend America from its enemies and leave no doubt as to our military strength and resolve.

Ron Paul will not engage in nation-building and will bring troops home after decisive and clear victories so that enemies will fear to attack us.

Ron Paul will not intervene in the affairs of other nations and thus prevent blowback attacks on our homeland.

Ron Paul recognizes that Morality comes from the Individual and God, and not the state. He acts accordingly.

Ron Paul will help us build a peaceful and prosperous society with the lowest rate of poverty and the highest degree of innovation.

I am proud that I voted for Ron Paul and hope you will vote for him too.


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  1. Kim Jordan

    I agree with you 100%. He the only truthful and faithful politition. He takes his oath of office seriously.And he knows who the bad guys are. I voted for him too.

  2. Kim Jordan

    I voted for Ron Paul he is the only truthful candidate.He takes his oath of office seriouly. I wish more peopl could see and understand this. But the establishment is afraid of him.

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