Graham: “War with Iran won’t be easy. We’ll get hit”

On Fox this morning, Saber-rattler in Chief Lindsay Graham is calling for war with Iran.  He states this:

“War with Iran won’t be easy. We’ll get hit”.

He is addressing a long ignored issue relating to the risks of Attacking Iran.  It has costs. He thinks when we are “hit” it will be tolerable.  He thinks we will have  some sort of “Acceptable” loss-ratio on our soil.  He believe this will help prevent Iran from acquiring a Nuclear weapon.


He is wrong on so many counts.

  1. No war with Iran will stop them from ACQUIRING a nuclear weapon. They can do that with a cash or oil payment to the loose nukes market.
  2. The Losses on American soil will NOT be tolerable. They will be dramatic.  Likely will involve multiple terrorist attacks in our country using IED’s, small arms, sabotage, dirty bombs (radioactive), bioweapons, chemical weapons and perhaps a small nuke they may already have with high-altitude EMP attack.
  3. The American “hit” and losses will be FAR more than body counts and infrastructure damage.  To counter the attacks, PRESIDENT OBAMA WILL DECLARE MARTIAL LAW.  Americans will be arrested as “terrorists” under the NDAA (National Defense Authorization Act).  They will have no due process…a simple accusation (secret for “national security reasons”) is all that will be required to indefinitely detain any American the President doesn’t like.
  4. The global powers will use this as an opportunity to re-align global power structure and firm up more power in the hands of the “international community”. This will further weaken American sovereignty.

Attacking Iran will set up a cascade that has a very high chance of ending the American Republic and establishing decades of dictatorship.  It will threaten our sovereignty.

It is time to stop the Insanity.  Recognize that the RISKS of certain actions do not OUTWEIGH the purported benefits. This is medicine 101: “ First, Do No Harm”.

 As if to put a punctuation mark on this assessment, Fox quickly followed with a segment entitled “when is it legal for the U.S. government to Kill an American Citizen”.

Why does this matter at the local level?  We are a great target. A bedroom community to the Special Operations Central Command at Macdill Airforce base.