Boycotting Bishops Fundraising Campaign: A Protest against FAST Funding.

This is a letter I sent to my fellow parishioners at Holy Family Catholic Church in St. Petersburg. My church is a member of FAST based on the sole decision of our Pastor Father John Tapp.

My Protest against FAST.

Mandatory Church  Contribution to FAST and Endorsement of FAST violates my Conscience and is Bad for the Church.

My BAPA donation will resume when church financing is voluntary and church endorsement ends.

2442 It is not the role of the Pastors of the Church to intervene directly in the political structuring and organization of social life. This task is part of the vocation of the lay faithful, acting on their own initiative with their fellow citizens.” (Catechism of the Catholic Church).

My friends in Christ (please share with as many church members as possible),

I have come to the difficult decision that I can’t give to the Bishop’s Annual Pastoral Appeal this year due to the church’s relationship with FAST.  I reach this conclusion after years of work evaluating the group “FAST” (Faith and Action for Strength Together) and have published my concerns on my blog the Sun Beam Times. It is not an easy decision because it means that I must take a difficult stand and challenge the wisdom and authority of my Pastor and my Bishop in public. It is easy to realize many negative repercussions from this protest for me and my family.  However, I am inspired by the prophets, Apostles, Saints and by our Lord and Savior Jesus Christ who always stood up even when the Pharisees were willing to have him executed.


There appears to be only one way I can make a credible protest against the mandatory involvement of my church in FAST: to withhold my contribution to the Bishop’s annual Pastoral  appeal.  Withholding only from the church offertory does no good since my Pastor has decided that the he will use the offertory to provide $10,000 to FAST in a mandatory way.  Also, I would not wish to stop contributing to my parish.  However, the Bishop’s Annual Pastor Appeal (BAPA) is a tax on the church. Our Parish must provide about $170,000 this year mandatorily to the Diocese for BAPA. Perhaps if I withhold from BAPA, my Pastor will have to choose where the Parish money goes: FAST or BAPA.


I am also inspired by the courageous stance that many Bishops, including Reverend Lynch, have taken against the Federal Government’s mandate that the Catholic Church pay for contraception and abortion pills.  Just as that violates the conscience of the Catholic Church, the mandatory financial support of a group I disagree with violates my conscience.  It makes no sense that the church should take from the offertory built in good faith by the Parishioners and give it to a political organization that those same parishioners not only disagree with, but may work against in the community!  It is important that the Pastor of a church consider the conscience and feelings of his Parishioners when considering political and financial involvement at this level. I am saddened to see my conscience on this matter ignored.  FAST can act as  they do. All members of our parish have the right to be involved.  But they shouldn’t use the name of my church and my dollars to do so without my consent.  This is why it is best that the Church not be involved with politics except where there is an obvious reason to do so supported wholly by the body of the church and only as supported by the Catechism.

I have done everything short of the dramatic move to Boycott BAPA this year.  I worked within FAST for about two years. I was denied the right to ever make a real difference. I asked Father Tapp to make contributions to FAST voluntary through a special collection. This was denied as he states it is his prerogative to choose to give money to FAST. The Finance committee of Holy Family Catholic Church also rebuffed my request for separate and voluntary contributions.  I asked the Bishop to intervene and he advised me only that he fully supported everything about FAST and church participation.  I have worked to have a Church sponsored Catechism study on Social Justice for over a year and have been denied the opportunity.  I have been denied the right to meet with any FAST committee or the Board or to speak about my objections at the FAST annual assembly.  All of this is documented at the Sun Beam Times blog.  FAST refuses to even consider the idea of finding even a small way to try to stop abortion in our County.  Yet the Church and the Diocese rationalize this as acceptable behavior so that the “unity” of FAST can be preserved.  They and FAST thus place more value on political power and the “unity” of their 40 congregations more than on life itself.

So I am asking you to read about FAST for yourself. Evaluate their connections to the Radical Saul Alinsky groups.  Look at their purely political mission. Determine if it is moral that a group with such political power and numbers refuses to even discuss taking a stand against abortion.  Does it make sense that the representative from your church can’t be elected or that the church itself can’t decide about participating at all? Is it JUST that money is taken from the offertory to fund a group that many disagree with? Why are Catholic churches quoting from a non-catholic Bible on Micah 6:8? Why won’t the group allow any member to come to a committee meeting? Why do they have a $285,000 budget but won’t spend a single penny on charity or mission work and merely hire more staff and do more “community organizing” training?  Why do they support programs that don’t work, waste taxpayer dollars, promote injustice (like taking away legal rights of those participating in drug courts”) and are opposed by so many in the community for these reasons?

So I ask you to consider joining me.  Consider withholding from BAPA this year.  Consider asking FAST members, Father Tapp and the Bishop about the issues I have raised. Come talk to me in church to get involved in the Catechism study I will host in my office in may (see inset to right).  Spread the word of these concerns by email. Print the attached business cards and give to your friends or ask for some from me to hand out.

I remain devoted to my parish. I am a big fan of Father Tapp who guides me in faith and my religion. I hold him in high esteem for his work and passion. However, I think it is time for our Parish to decide, as a whole – as a body of Christ – if we are going in the right direction with FAST.

Yours in faith,

David McKalip, M.D.

(This business card is available to those who want to pass it out to their friends. It is attached for PrintingLink to File is here..)


Catechism Study:

Life in Christ (Part III)

Sat. 5/12 and 5/26, 10-12

location 4th St. and 62nd Ave. N* (Details below)


What does the Catechism actually say about:

  1. Social Justice?
  1. Moral Action?
  1. Political involvement of church and its leaders?

Saturday May 12 and May 26

10-12, Lunch provided.

Offices of David McKalip, M.D.*

RSVP by replying to this email.

Read the catechism together.

Discussion of:

  • Social Justice
  • Common Good
  • Subsidiarity
  • Political action
  • Unintended Consequences
  • Moral Act

This will be a verbatim reading of entire sections and subsections of the catechism. Part III. There will be group discussion.  People can learn about the catechism and grow in faith through this action. Formal Dioceses study materials will be also be used.**

*Dr. McKalip offices at:

SW corner of

4th St. and 62nd Ave. N.

(431 Southwest BLVD N, off Jefferson Circle at “Start to Finish Spine Care”).

Behind Founders Corner.

**I have tried to get the Parish to sponsor a study like this for a long time and have been denied so far, so I will organize a group to do some self study.  Brian Lemoi (Director of Evangelization and Life Long Faith Formation) of the Diocese advises that such a group self study is perfectly legitimate and allowed with no violation of the teachings of the church.


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  1. Mary Gottlieb

    Wonderful if this Catechism study could
    be made available on internet or through
    subscribed means. Such investigatory
    plumbing of what is happening around
    us vis-a-vis Church involvement would
    open the way to establishing transparency and truth. To be forewarned
    is to be forearmed….

  2. Linda

    Also heard you on Beck—he needs to have you as a guest on his show after his vacation-I am catholic and very worried about what you have exsposed and I am going to send Hannity on Fox your web site–need to get you with him also–Thank You doctor—Linda–Texas

  3. Kevin

    Dr. David,
    I moved to Tampa, but was a parishioner at Holy Family. I recall the prayers for ‘equal distribution of the world’s resources’ being a standard petition to the parish. That always irked me.
    I have yet to stand and walk out on a sermon there or here in Tampa, but I reserve that right – and will use it to make my public – yet silent – protest. After all, I have a responsibility to my children and community to speak – where appropriate.
    That said, unless you or I are part of the clergy, and male, we have no vote or power in the church’s operations.
    Even when Obamacare was being debated in 2009, the USCCB could still not figure out that the bill was a net evil, inevitably destroying more lives than helping.
    Although Bill Donahue of the NYC ‘Catholic League’ is a bit of an alarmist, he has made a major impact as a lay Catholic. For Catholics like me, who can not stomach to watch our clergy walk us off a cliff, like in the 1940’s with Mussolini, their is little public convincing we can press with out doing it as you are, totally in the public view. (Of course I am aware of the victims that were clergy of all faiths killed in the 1940’s-forgive my reference, applaud those clergy and their faith and rebellion)
    And as you know, you live in St. Petersburg, where Obama has a re-election office and where the left rule. What would you expect in that county?
    So if FAST morphed into a PAC to re-elect everything Obama or everything Socialist, then yes, end support. You seem to already be voting with your wallet.
    Also, the church organization, so I observe, changes in glacial time. Any entrepreneur will not have the patience to participate at that speed.
    I have not heard any word about FAST in Tampa, but will certainly notify you if I do.
    Best of luck with the effort, give my regards to Fr. Mangiofico and Sister Marino. Kevin

  4. Debbie

    You are right. We left our parish in September because twice in 3 weeks the deacon gave the homily, once on supporting illegal immigration and the next on supporting unions and how to vote. Prior to that he said everyone should read the book, “The Holy Longing” by Ronald Rohlheiser. I got it at the library and it was a Jim Wallis supporting, socialist read! That was enough. We attend a different parish and have not heard political, social justice BS so far. I pray for our country every day. I heard you on GB and good luck to you.

  5. Becky Baeten-Gonzalez

    I heard you on Glenn Beck today. Thank you so much! My mother & my mother-in-law tried to stand up to FAST at Holy Name. FAST seems to target poor & middle class parishes. It breaks my heart to see these Marxists invading our church. We have been trying to get the word out about the dangers of FAST & DART for at least 3 years now. It was a miracle that you got on Glenn’s show today. We sent him information about FAST a few years ago but I don’t know if the information made it to him. Please let us know how we can help you.

  6. Becky Baeten-Gonzalez


    I believe the branch of DART in Tampa is called HOPE. Keep an eye out for it in your parish. There was an article about FAST & HOPE in the Tampa Bay Times last Saturday.

    God Bless,
    Becky Baeten-Gonzalez

  7. Louise

    Also heard you on Glenn Beck. Thank you for what you are doing. As stated in an earlier post, it is absolutely heartbreaking to see the deceptive undermining of our Church not only in St Petersburg, but all over the country. I do not live in Florida but will pray for you and share this article.

  8. Kendra Geiger

    My husband and I also heard you on GB’s radio show. We are here in So.Calif., and much of the same diocese wide cooperation with these same types of groups has been going on for decades. The good news is that millions of Catholics are waking up, discussing the cathechism teachings, and discerning the philosophical and ethical consequences to the Church when she mingles, provides support, or even allows a voice to evil from the pulpit.

    Perhaps you can contact Raymond Arroyo and offer to discuss the issue to other concerned Catholics nationally. Good luck, and EVERYONE reading your post should be kneeling at prayer for our country and misguided church leadership–regardless of its denomination! We know how the victory ends, and NOTHING is impossible for Our Lord, Our Savior and the Holy Spirit! Thank you for taking a stand on the side of righteousness and not “self-righteousness”.

  9. Jo Joyce

    Great job on your articles! You are spot on. I’ve been fighting this in OKC for several years now. Our group is an IAF (Industrial Areas Foundation), and was called Oklahoma Sponsoring Committee-Now called VOICE. See my website for details Their goal in 2007 was 40 parishes. They have over 20, but only were able to keep 2 Catholic parishes because of our fight. Even the priests who were somewhat sympathetic to the left did not want the divisiveness that this caused. Catholic Charities had to back out because of their loss of funding. We had a local conservative talk radio host get involved (Mark Shannon-who then died of leukemia, God rest his soul) that brought a lot of attention to it. Each parish did their own battle with their pastor. We’ve been contacted by people from many states because of our website. Would be great to do a national network of “fighters.” Good Bless you for all your work. I’m with you. Jo

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