PSTA’s $300,000 Propaganda campaign to fund TAX Train Wreck; Locals protest Pinellas County Commission: NO RAIL BOONDOGGLE!

The special interests are hard at work to take at least $100 million per year out of the local economy and direct it into their pockets through the force of taxation and feel good trains to nowhere.   And they want to you your tax money to fund the political campaign to further raise taxes! Many local planners, politicos, businesses and special interests have decided that what Pinellas County needs is a train.  A train that will haul people from their preferred place of living and working to designated, planned working areas in the county.  To accomplish this, they are doing a bait and switch under the auspices of property tax relief to create a vote for a new 1 cent sales tax in Pinellas County. This will provide PSTA (Pinellas Suncoast Transit Authority) with $120 million a year, up from the $35 million or so a year they get now.  The Sun Beam Times has discussed how PSTA wastes money on other occasions. Now they want to waste money on a train no one will ride, that will grow government, funnel money to wealthy and well connected special interests and others.  How do they plan to convince you to vote for this?  By using your tax money to build a government sponsored propaganda campaign!

protest232712Young and Old, Professionals and workers, liberals and conservatives all agree:  NO GOVERNMENT RAIL BOONDOGGLE IN PINELLAS!!

It is pretty clever and a perfect demonstration of how the entire unholy crony capitalist/government alliance will roll out with the train for decades.  A well connected group of elites gets the PSTA to give $300,000 of taxpayer money to another private company (Hillsborough’s Tucker Hall).  They will then devise the messaging that will be used to convince voters to create another government boondoggle, lose freedom, harm the economy and raise taxes!  This report is publically available and being analyzed now by the Sun Beam Times.  We will work hard to expose this façade and we even find our selves curiously in agreement with self-described “unabashed urban liberal” Peter Schorsch of St. Petersblog in opposition.

There is only one way to stop this: citizen involvement and action (you can help by getting your friends to subscribe to this blog). If we have already saved the cronies $300,000 on a taxpayer funded marketing study, that gives them all the more money to spend on an actual campaign.  It is time to call and email your County Commissioners. Let them know you will not tolerate this kind of nonsense.  Let them know you want them to do their job and make a decision on devoting hundreds of millions of dollars to a tax train wreck that can be avoided.  They should not turn this over to the public arena where the special interest dollars and politics will endanger our liberty, economy and happiness.

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  1. Bernadette L.

    Wow! The exact same controversy is going on in Hawaii. The big difference is that our “going no-where rail, no one will ride it” system is heavy rail and will cost billions…..Law suit pending… Why? Maybe because it will cost us so much in taxes that no one will be able to afford to drive anymore. Good for the environment? No, not the reason…. They need us out of our cars and into a system that can easily be controlled.

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