Your DOCTOR will be the rationing agent for the state. Obamacare on the Frontlines.

Dr. Truth Hurts Tells it like it is…..your DOCTOR will be the rationing agent for the state.
This video was published on Youtube in January 2011 and accurately describes how doctors will act under the Accountable Care Organizaiton.  This will turn your doctor into a mini-insurance company. Every dollar they spend on you will NOT go into their pocket. You won’t be able to trust your doctor. This is a target for early repeal in Obamacare if it must be repealed piecemeal.



This is what happens with you rely on health insurance for all your health care needs. You will find yourself the patient in this scene in “Doctor ACO” on You Tube. Here the doctor has turned into an HMO on steroids called an “accountable care organization” (ACO) and is actually rationing your care to make sure he gets paid as much as possible. A change is needed.

Dr. Truth Hurts Warns us about Obama care on this Xtranormal Video.

Dr. ACO Says: “There is no ‘Best practice’ for “Sick”. I am not sure I will be able to get my bonus!”

Dr. Good has decided to join an ACO (Accountable Care Organization) created by ObamaCare. He will now have to follow government practices or lose his bonus.

His patient is discovering that she doesn’t like this very much.

The Accountable Care Organization was created by PPACA (Patient Protection and Affordable Care Act). Medicare patients will be assigned to it. The Secretary of Health and Human Services will decide who qualifies for the bonus.

The Secretary will have incredible power over your doctors through the ACO since she will:
1. Require doctors to follow cook book medicine guidelines calls “best practices”
2. Decide what a “best practice” is.
3. Require doctors to be more “efficient” – which means spending less money on you.
4. Penalize doctors by withholding bonuses if they don’t ration care.
5. Allow the insurance companies to use these same best practices and rationing methods.
6. Force Medicare patients to see doctors in the ACO.
7. Allow insurance companies to force patients into an ACO.
8. Create a huge challenge for doctors who don’t join the ACO – driving the best doctors out of business.
9. Removing the right to go to court to appeal decisions made by the secretary.
10. Basically the Secretary of Health and Human Services and her 159 new government agencies will take over health care.