Turn Out, Speak Up to Stop St. Pete Tax hikes: 5/16 and 6/13.

 “Government’s view of the economy could be summed up in a few short phrases: If it moves, tax it. If it keeps moving, regulate it. And if it stops moving, subsidize it.” Ronald Reagan

It is crystal clear that the Mayor and the City Council will try to vote to raise property taxes or other taxes this year.  The Mayor has claimed to work to cut government “to the bone”, but that would only be true if the bone is on the surface of the skin above multiple layers of fat, and now he claims there is no choice but to raise taxes.  The only argument about tax hikes in City Council is how much to raise them and whether it should be in the form of a per property “fire fee” or a standard property tax hike. The only group that has a glimmer of hope of stopping these tax hikes now is citizens.

Come and testify at the next meetings

be outnumbered by the


  • 5/16 Roberts Recreational Center 6 pm (1246 50th Ave. N.)
  • 6/13 Manhattan Casino 6 pm (642 22nd St. South)

Tax and Fee hikes for 2011-2012 local government budgets.

Prepared for more? If not, stand up and say no!

Meanwhile, on the home front, libraries, parks, police station construction and basic government services suffer while government employee benefits stay up and paid!


 You have your chance to speak up at two more public meetings by the Mayor and City Council on Taxes. The city had doubled property tax collections from 2000-2007. Never once did they complain about the “surplus” they had and how they could solve that problem  – they simply spent the money. NOW they claim there is a $13 million shortfall projected for next years budget. There is only a shortfall if spending is not cut.  There are many areas to cut and there have also been many areas where revenues have gone up, but the city does not seem concerned with that “problem”.

Over this week, the Sun Beam Times will be detailing the areas in the budget where waste exists, revenues have gone up and subsidies exist.  Citizens can then be more fully informed in this debate.  It is time to turn out again and speak out against tax hikes and for spending cuts.  Otherwise the local governments’ tax hikes will step on the neck of this economy just as it is trying to get up off the ground.