The Sky is falling? Maybe not as St. Petersburg’s Mythical “Budget Shortfall” Shrinks by 2/3!

St. Petersburg’s leaders got some good news last week – for taxpayers.  The city’s alleged $13 million budget shortfall may be far less than predicted.  The City has been operating on the assumption that the total taxable value of property would fall by 3-6% and they have operated on that assumption.  However, last week Pinellas County Property Appraiser Pam Dubov revealed to the Sun Beam Times that the actual drop in total taxable value is 1.16% for St. Petersburg. So now that the actual “drop” will be closer to $5 million, will the city still try to raise taxes?  Odd are that you can COUNT ON IT!  The city sees only one cause of a “shortfall” in money to spend – too few taxes; they never seem to see the cause as too much spending. They always desire more money to burn – no matter what the actual facts. (continued below…)

 IF taxpayers are sick of the dramatic and nonsensical fearmongering of city leaders, they need to show up and testify on 6/13 and say “no more taxes!”.

Come and testify at the next meetings

be outnumbered by the


  • Casino 6 pm (642 22nd St. South)

Tax and Fee hikes for 2011-2012 local government budgets.

Prepared for more? If not, stand up and say no!

Meanwhile, on the home front, libraries, parks, police station construction and basic government services suffer while government employee benefits stay up and paid!


 The Mayor and the City Council have been working hard to sound the “sky is falling alarm”. They have been aided by the grassroots group “People’s Budget Review”,  comprised or groups that have long called for increased taxes (SEIU, Sierra Club, NAACP, CONA). The Mayor actually had the audacity to say that such a drop in revenues would “cause the destruction of years of progress in St. Petersburg”.  Really?  The Mayor went on to say that long neglected repairs and improvements would not occur.  Really?  Why did these repairs not occur when Mayor Foster was on City Council and sat on top the highest property tax revenue in City history ($103 million). 

The citizens of St. Petersburg are not stupid.  They know a fabricated crisis when they see it.  They know that in 2011 the city spent more money than ever before in city history ($482 million), up $32  million in the same year that revenues were nearly the same at $448 million.  So, how does a city that spends more than it takes in on an accelerating basis expect the citizens to be completely duped by their tax raising propaganda? They don’t.  They simply expect to ignore any outcry by citizens to stop an increase in property taxes. That is why it is so important for citizens to show up on 6/13 and let them know

    1. Taxpayers are not fooled.
    2. Taxpayers expect tax and spending cuts, not increases.
    3. Taxpayers will not be ignored.