Religious Liberty Rally Friday – FAST remains Silent on Calling for Religious Liberty.

Liberty lovers and the faithful  from Pinellas County and beyond will gather Friday in St. Petersburg to call for an end to attacks on Religious Freedom by the Federal Government. (corner of 4th st N. and 22nd Ave. N, 11:30 a.m. – 2 pm). President Obama has directed his Secretary of Health and Human Services, Katherine Sebelius, to mandate that Catholic institutions must spend money in violation of their conscience.  Any health insurance plan they buy must include payment for contraception and abortion-inducing pills.  The Obama administration has turned an arrogant ear to the complaints of the Catholics and the faithful, claiming that this is a “women’s health” issue, when it is in fact a direct abrogation of the rights granted to Americans by God and n nature and protected by the First amendment to the Constitution: Congress Shall make No law preventing the free exercise of religion!  The Political group FAST continues to show its true colors, remaining silent on the event.

Interview with Frank Murphy by John Sipos on the importance of standing up for religous liberty.

Despite several phone calls over the last three days by the Sun Beam Teams requesting they comment on the event and assist in spreading the word on the rally, FAST remains silent. FAST is turning its back on the faithful in this town when it comes to their most fundamental right: the right to practice their religion as they see fit.  So much for social justice and “holding systems accountable”!  It appears they are more concerned with adhering to their edict against ANY action that would seek to stop abortion than with religious freedom. Again, they put their own political future (based on financial donations of some protestant churches and synagogues) above the principle of protecting life and now above freedom itself!

The Stand up for Religious Freedom Group will be on the corner of 4th St. and 22nd Ave. N. from 11:30-2 pm  and invites all those who believe in freedom to stand with them to demonstrate to the city and America that they will not tolerate removal of their natural freedoms by the Government.

Their press release and contact information is here:


Contact: Michael F Brennan, (727) 518-5171,

St Petersburg Joins 2nd Coast-to-Coast Rally
Against the Obamacare HHS Mandate, Friday, June 8

 St Petersburg—On Friday, June 8, as the United States Supreme Court prepares to issue its ruling on the constitutionality of the Affordable Care Act (Obamacare), concerned citizens of St Petersburg will take to the streets to voice public opposition to the Obama administration’s Health and Human Services Mandate. The HHS Mandate forces all employers—including Catholic schools and hospitals—to provide free contraceptives, surgical sterilizations and abortion-inducing drugs through their health plans, regardless of religious or moral convictions.

The St Petersburg Stand Up for Religious Freedom Rally will begin at 11:30AM to 2PM near Crescent Lake at 4th St. and 22nd Ave. North,  joining over 150 other cities and towns (10 in Florida) from Maine to Hawaii that are participating in this national event. A complete list of rally sites and other details are available at

The June 8 Stand Up Rally builds on the tremendous momentum created by the first Stand Up Rally held on March 23, with over 63,000 citizens of all faiths attending local rallies in 145 cities. With the Supreme Court’s Obamacare ruling coming and the November elections in sight, the June 8 Stand Up Rally is expected to draw even larger crowds.

The St Petersburg Stand Up for Religious Freedom Rally has been organized by Michael Brennan, and the ad hoc Coalition in Defense of Church Teaching. Guest speakers will include community and religious leaders of several faiths.

  • What: Stand Up for Religious Freedom Rally
  • When: Friday, June 8, 11:30AM to 2 PM.
  • Where: near Crescent Lake at 4th St. and 22nd Ave North, St Petersburg
  • Who: Hundreds of local citizens opposed to Obama’s HHS Mandate

The date for the Stand Up Rally was chosen to highlight the HHS Mandate’s unconstitutional infringement of religious freedom, coming just weeks before the highly anticipated Supreme Court ruling on Obamacare, expected at the end of June.

“If Obamacare is ruled unconstitutional, we must ensure that religious freedom will be protected in subsequent health care legislation” explained Michael Brennan. “But if Obamacare is not struck down, we’ll be sending the federal government a clear message that the faith-based institutions and private businesses affected by the HHS Mandate here in St Petersburg/Tampa will not violate their consciences by complying with it.”

Brennan emphasized that the Stand Up Rally has nothing to do with access to contraception. “There is no ‘war on contraception’ in our country. Contraception is already widely, cheaply available. What’s really under attack today is religious freedom.”

The June 8 Rally coincides with the 223rd anniversary of the day James Madison introduced the Bill of Rights to the 1st Congress, including what would become the First Amendment. “We’re standing up for the First Amendment and demanding that all our health care laws respect religious freedom,” Brennan explained.

For more information please contact: Michael F Brennan, (727) 518-5171,

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