Obamacare Hurts Patients and Economy – But There are BETTER ways! Learn about them Saturday night in Oldsmar.

Obamacare is a complete government and corporate takeover of health care in America. There is no other way to describe this plan which places everything related to health care under control of central planners in Washington D.C. working in an unholy alliance with fat cat insurance companies in board rooms around the country.  Each and every promise made by the President relating to supposed improvement in health care in America has been wrong or outright lies.  The list of failures and lies are below, but the American people should be concerned about more than just the lies. American should be concerned that they are being asked to suffer longer and die earlier to serve the “common good”.  Americans should be angry that there doctors will be transformed from professionals that they can trust to cogs that they may need to fear as they act as rationing agents for the state. (continued below…)

Learn more about Obamacare and a better way to lower costs, improve quality and expand access to care for all Americans…without destroying the trust patients need in their doctors. maptohealthcareforumsmall Saturday Night in Oldsmar.

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 Here are the major promises made by Barak Obama that have all been broken or were lies to begin with.  It is difficult to describe and American President as “lying”, but there is no other way to describe the intentional deceptions coming from the President relating to Obamacare.  Remember, there is a better way, and it will be discussed on this blog tomorrow and at the Education forum on Saturday night in Oldsmar.

ObamaCare Lie 1: The health mandate is not a tax.  

WRONG  – The Supreme Court tells us that the ONLY way it is constitutional is if it is a tax. 

ObamaCare Lie 2:  “If you like your insurance plan, you can keep it.”


  • Health Savings Accounts are disabled.
  • Many businesses will stop buying health insurance for their employees and abandon them to government exchanges.
  • Obamacare creates four and only four types of insurance throughout the nation (bronze, silver, gold and platinum) in addition to enrolling millions in a failed Medicaid program and a bankrupt Medicare system.

Obamacare lie 3:  “If you like your doctor, you can keep them.”


  • Medicare patients will be ASSIGNED to an “Accountable Care Organization” by the Secretary of Health and Human Services.
  • Insurance plans will decertify doctors for participation who do not meet arbitrary government and insurance company budget limits for spending on patients.
  • Doctors will be forced out of business as they pay ever increasing costs to comply with outrageous government regulations that harm patients.

ObamaCare lie 4: “We will lower the cost of health care”.


  • Health insurance costs continue to go up every years since Obamacare passed.
  • Cost of medical care itself will not go down when large corporations and hospitals continue to feed at the government trough in an anti-competitive environment.
  • Under the mandate, people will be forced to buy over-priced, low value health insurance or face a tax and will likely face jail time in the future as it is clear no other means will force people to buy it.

Obamacare lie 5: “No government agency or insurance company will get in between you and your doctor.”


  • Obamacare is specifically DESIGNED to do precisely that.
  • Government panels will create so called “quality measures” that have actually been shown to hurt patients.
  • Government agencies will force doctor to practice as they are told or the doctor will be penalized.
  • Doctors will be herded into “accountable care organizations” where insurance companies and government bureaucrats will work overtime to keep them “on budget”.
  • ObamaCare will turn docs into the rationing agents for the state.
  • You won’t be able to trust your doctor who works to comply with Obamacare.

Obamacare lie 6: “We will lower the deficit”


  • ObamaCare double counts $500 million of fake Medicare savings to pay for $500 million in new entitlements.
  • The long term home care plan (CLASS act) had to be abandoned due to cost over runs.
  • The cost of “pre-existing condition” insurance pools is about twice as high as expected.
  • ObamaCare relies on cutting Medicare payments to doctors by 36% to pay the bills. Doctors won’t see patients and this cut will not likely happen.maptohealthcareforum

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