I Built it – DESPITE government, Mr. President!

“If you’ve got a business. you didn’t build that.  Somebody else made that happen.”  President Obama, Friday the 13th, July 2012. Roanoke Virginia.

Today Dr. McKalip, founder of the Sun Beam Times, created a Facebook site for President Obama to hear from American Business people.  The site will serve as a repository of messages and video links from people to let the President know: “Yes, I REALLY DID BUILD IT MYSELF!”. Dr. McKalip uploaded the first video today and gave the President a little lesson about Free Markets, since he seems to think that they do not exist. People are encouraged to post their stories on the Facebook site at www.facebook.com/IBuiltIt

Here is the first video and below that is a quote from the page.

“Mr. President. we are American businessmen and women, their family, friends, employees and investors. Yes Mr. President, when it comes to our businesses we CAN honestly say “I BUILT IT!”. 

I built it with hard work, financial and personal risk.

I built jobs.

I built services and provided goods that people wanted.

I built consumer satisfactionby making itcheaper, better and more abundant for them.

I built it DESPITE the decades of excessive government regulation.

I built it DESPITE the excessive taxes.

If you read this, maybe you will recognize that America Free Enterprise is what built America, and not government bureacrats.  If you read this maybe you will stop EXPONENTIALLY increasing regulations, fees and taxes.

Because I have more to build and I can build it all bigger, if you would,  get government out of the way.


3 Replies:

  1. kerryhbrown

    Great videos that were clear and concrete examples of the reality that free markets and individuals create jobs and wealth, not the gov’t or the village.

  2. Terry Owen

    I’m not a Obama supporter. I think he should be impeached if not charged with treason. That being said, taking his comments out of context is not helping our cause. “You did not build that” is referring to the infrastructure not the building of a individual’s business.

  3. David McKalip

    Mr. Owen, I agree with you Mr. Obama should be impeached…for violations of the war power act.

    However, he was NOT quoted out of context. He was referring precisely to individual Americans and how they weren’t successful on their own initiative. NEver did he say “You didn’t build the roads,the internet and the like”. He said: “You didn’t build your business”. He is setting up businesses and property owners for looting by the “have-nots”.

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