Senator Jack Latvala’s $450,000 “Accountability” Deception and Hypocrisy to Benefit Jim Frishe. “Working Together for Florida” Attacks Jeff Brandes after Receiving $100,000 from Jack Latvala Fund. Latest $100K Latvala Donation to Support Frishe.

Surrogates for Senator Jack Latvala appear to be playing a very hypocritical game.  A mailer was recently sent out by “Working Together for Florida” complaining about negative attacks of similar political committees supporting Jeff Brandes.  Representative Jeff Brandes is running for Senate against Representative Jim Frishe.  Jim Frishe is favored by Senator Latvala because he has pledged to vote for Senator Jack Latvala in the future for Senate President in 2016.  This has caused Senator Jack Latvala, who demands obedience and subservience to him and his agenda, to launch hundreds of thousands of dollars of negative ads against Representative Brandes.  All because Brandes has the audacity to stay neutral in the Senate President race until a more appropriate time.  Like four years from now. (Continued below…)

FOLLOW THE MONEY….Latvala funnels his LATEST $100,000 to fight Brandes through surrogate groups. THEN COMPLAINS THAT OTHERS DO THE SAME! He has funneled at least $450,000 to date to help Jim Frishe get elected – all for the benefit of Jack Latvala in 2016.

 Enter “Working Together for Florida” (WTF), an “Electioneering Communications Organization” (ECO) registered in Florida.  WTF sent out a mailer complaining that other surrogate groups also had the audacity to launch any negative campaign ads on the Senator Latvala pledge Jim Frishe.   It has a large label of “AIG” and headlines referring to the infamous bailout. Then the mailer (see at bottom)  attacks a group with the same initials “Accountability In Government” and complains that committees controlled by other politicians contributed to AIG to launch the attacks against Frishe/Latvala. What they didn’t report was who is behind WTF!  Working Together for Florida was founded by Long-time Latvala Supporter Craig Duncan in 2010.  Craig Duncan is cited on the host committee of a Latvala fundraiser. Turns out that WTF was also cited five times for failing to file 16 months of important donor information to the state in 2010 between 2008 and 2009.  The WTF committee has raised $150,000 since October 2011, with $100,000 of it coming from the “Florida Leadership Fund” run by SENATOR JACK LATVALA!  This is not new since Latvala ALSO sent ANOTHER $350,000 to “Committee to Protect Florida” for hard hittting and misleading Anti-Jeff Brandes ads, many of which have been inundating the television airways for weeks now.

So, to the surprise of absolutely no one, traditional politicians use lies and deception to hypocritically sling mud that they themselves wallow in! 

Senator Jack Latvala should be careful about throwing stones in glass houses and Representative Frishe, a good man known to this author, should worry about being associated with people initiating such tactics. AIGLatvalabrandesmailer


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  1. Michael F Brennan

    That flyer was obviously bogus but confusing. I could not locate the genesis. Thanks. Amazing the monies available for these elections.

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