Facebook “I Built It” site becoming big success as Americans realize President Obama’s true Anti-American philosophy of Collectivism.

On Friday the 13th of July in 2012, President Obama revealed his true vision of America by stating clearly and convincingly that he did not believe in individual ownership, initiative and work in creating a business.  He did so brazenly and proudly by proclaiming “If you have a business, You didn’t Build that, somebody else made that happen”! Of course his progressive allies in the political class are trying to claim it is out of context to try to distract America from this very important window into the President’s anti-American thinking.  He even doubled down on it by playing the full quote in one of his own ads! President Obama is trying to rally people around this concept: there is NO ownership society in America.  Everything is owned by a Collective.  There is a collective that benefits and a collective that decides what can be built, spent, taxed, and done in America. That is what Mr. Obama believes and the idea is so contrary to basic core values of our country, it can only be defined as “Anti-American”. The collectivist construct is important to Mr. Obama because it is the basis of a philosophy that asserts that rights come from the state and its human rulers, and not from God and nature.  When the state grants rights, it can also define everything about a person’s life and this ALWAYS results in dictatorship. It is the end of a 100 years war of Collectivism vs. Individualism; the only thing still in doubt is the outcome of this great cultural conflict.  If individualism were to prevail, then people would realize they can get better, lower cost and higher quality health care, education, loans, cars, energy and jobs on their own!  There would be no need for a big government with its arrogant elite power structure dictating to the rest of us what we should be doing – in their eyes – all as they receive the most benefit from this collective they build.

People are telling their story at the “I Built It” site at www.Facebook.com/IBuiltIt

People in America are waking up and realizing that this kind of thinking is dangerous. It is dangerous to freedom, prosperity and peace.  Eventually everyone in a collectivist system regrets its existence as has been evident in North Korea, China, the previous Soviet Union, Nazi Germany, modern day Greece, modern day E.U. countries, large liberal cities like Stockton, Vallejo, Providence, and soon states like Massachusetts and California.

That is why people are telling their story at “I Built It” at Facebook. The page received over 1000 “likes” in the first week of its creation and traffic continues to grow.  They want other independent minded Americans to know that individual initiative, hard work and some smarts do pay off. The individual DOES mean something. The Individual CAN make it and very well in America if they work hard, have a good idea and own what they build.  In fact, not only is it a great way to spread prosperity to them, it is the ONLY way to spread the most prosperity to the most people in any society. Milton Freidman knew this which is why he schooled Phil Donahue in this Youtube Clip.

If you want to help spread the word, please send your friends to www.FACEBOOK.COM/IBuiltIt and have them share their stories. Together, we will reclaim the power of individual rights, freedom, responsibility and greatness as the only real way to bring a better way of life to every Americans. Not just the privileged fewin the political class.


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  1. Donna

    Of course the Progressives have defended Obama by saying he was taken out of context. However, when you pair what he said (which is clear in itself) with Elizabeth Warren’s spiel on how you might have built a factory, but we paid for the roads and we paid for the education for your employees . . . it becomes crystal clear that they both run in the same circles and the whole lot of them believe in collectivism, not individualism, not capitalism.

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