St. Pete Pier – Vote? We don’t need no Stinkin’ VOTE!

The political elite of St. Petersburg stick their finger in the eye of the taxpaying citizens now. After two years of petition gathering, the city arbitrarily decided that it would not allow a vote on whether to keep the current pier.  This DESPITE the requisite numer of signatures being turned in by a citizens’ group.  The city lawyer seemed to invent new law and may be inviting a lawsuit. If there is no law allowing such a ballot drive, why is there even a limit on the number of signatures?  Ofcourse common sense has not been part of our local government for decades who also denied a vote on the stadium and on other important questions in the past.  Certainly the Mayor is inviting a backlash from citizens who he promised to “grant” the right of a vote on a pier project when he was running.  It is obvious that new leadership is needed to replace those on City Council.

The Lens is being rejecteed by St. petersburg taxpayers as the boondoggle it is. Taxpayers will be on the hook for a minimum of $5 milllion in interest payments for a $50 million bond they must commit to. All to get a no-function, giant piece of “art” over the bay.

The city should scrap the lens and move for a ballot referendum with a different quesion:

“Should the pier area be allowed to have a 25 year lease to a private company?”

Then a private company can take the area, refurbish it to the likings of locals and take ALL THE COST on THEIR shoulders.

Ofcourse, sensible plans have never been part of the makeup of our local political class. You can bet that enough digging will reveal the few dozen people that will make millions off this while the rest of us are left holding the bag. Maybe that will be the best thing that the “lens” will bring into focus.