Religous Groups Reap Higher Taxes from their Big Government activism through FAST.

“…those who plow mischief and sow trouble will reap them.” Job 4:8 (New American Bible)


Church Leaders are expressing substantial concern over a proposed “fire fee” by the city to pay for its mythical $10 million shortfall.  Many of these leaders are also the same ones who, through the Group “FAST” have called for increased government spending on failed government programs.  FAST, Faith and Action for Strength Together, is big-government political group comprised of 38 congregations and asked for spending on a recidivism reduction program that increased recidivism, an ordinance to hire only “local workers” in Pinellas that will raise the cost of labor for government and a “Direct Instruction” reading program that will cost the School Board significant money while watering down education and violating professional ethics in teaching. The Reverend Bishop Lynch and Father John Tapp are two high profile leaders in the Catholic Church who are behind FAST.  However, now they are complaining that the government wants to increase taxes (through a fire fee) on THEM, after they called for more government spending. There could not be a better demonstration of the well known biblical warning that one will reap what one has sown. In this case some religious organizations have sown the seeds of higher taxes through their liberal political activism. They should not be surprised they are reaping the higher taxes they are sowing.

In the Tampa Bay Times piece, the Bishop calls for taking money from the City’s reserve funds, rather than creating a new fire fee. Hopefully that will remain the approach.  Other liberal groups are calling for a property tax hike on “the rich” to pay for the overspending by the City of St. Petersburg.  Few are calling for less spending but it is entirely possible and wholly necessary. 



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  1. Donna

    I saw a nun on Bill O’Reilly last night (August 13th). Progressivism is everywhere. I know we have a group of Progressives in our church who just don’t know who they have gotten in bed with.

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