First Anniversary of Sun Beam Times – Help Grow our Subscribers!

On August 24, 2011 the Sun Beam Times launched as a Tampa Bay Area blog to shed light on the activities of local governments, the community, media and impact of the nation on our community.  It has been a huge success.  The Sun Beam Times has had daily visits as high as 50,000 and now is averaging over 3,000 visits per day.  Along the way the Sun Beam Times has accomplished a great deal to reveal the disingenuous actions of local politicians, big spending and tax hikes of local government, out of control violent activists, those hijacking the church and the negatif3d3f9653ed121f3b39b88d26b2aaebcve impact of Obamacare and other Federal activities on our lives. Dr. McKalip, founder and chief author at the Sun Beam Times, is extremely grateful for all the support and the mentions of his work on local news, national blogs and national radio shows. Dr. McKalip is asking subscribers to the blog to help the Sun Beam Times grow.  Please send your friends to and have them place their email address in the subscriber box in the top right corner. Also help by spreading posts on Facebook, Twitter and by email.  

The Sun Beam Times strives for accuracy in reporting and decorum in commentary. The Sun Beam Times refuses to allow anonymous posts in the comments section to discourage the scurrilous and vicious posts common in the blogosphere.  If your friends need a reason to subscribe, perhaps this list of accomplishments will help them make up their minds (All these topics are accessible by using the category list in the bar on the right).

  • Exposed millions of unnecessary tax hikes by local governments in 2011 and more coming in 2012
  • Exposed out of control government employee benefit plans for Tampa Bay Local governments.
  • Exposed government waste and the failure to accomplish basic functions of local government, like road maintenance.
  • Continuing to run the series “Obamacare on the frontlines” to expose the dangerous and immoral law that is hurting patients, raising costs and empowering government and corporations.
  • Exposed loss of constitutional rights by Americans through actions such as the National Defense Authorization Act and arrests for mere exorcize of the first amendment.
  • Exposed the violent underpinnings and people behind the Occupy Wall Street Movement chapters locally.
  • Exposed the complete misuse of the concept of “Social Justice” and hijacking of churches by the group “FAST” (Faith and Action for Strength Together) and their progressive agenda that has failed and produced unintended consequences.
  • Promoted the “Liberty and Justice for All Rally” in St. Pete as a positive, prayerful event that celebrated the founding principles of our country and provided a platform for Presidential Primary contenders.

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