Occupy Hits RNC – Will They Come in Peace or Cause Chaos? Suspicious package under Tampa Bay Bridge?

The  Anarcho-Occupiers have arrived in the Tampa Bay Area to coerce their brand of change on America by demonstrating at the Republican National Convention starting this weekend.  Sadly, the Occupy movement has a well-described history of using many violent tactics to try to effect change. TropfencedinThese include blocking streets, vandalism, occupying empty buildings, squatting in parks, and planting what they believe to be plastic explosives under a major bridge.  The change they seek?  Simple: American communism.  Any person spending more than an hour of time with these misguided folks will realize their goal is to use violence, lawlessness, threats and any coercion they can to destroy the American culture of freedom and replace it with a foreign culture of collectivism.

The City of Tampa and St. Petersburg have already used millions in U.S. taxpayer funds on security. Piles of pre-positioned bricks have been found in Tampa on rooftops and surely there are more such weapons caches.  In St. Petersburg, in anticipation of the RNC event at Tropicana Field, 10 foot high barbed-wire crowned fences are in place in down town.  The black Panthers have been reporting, that they are building an Army to “drag crackers out of their homes” and kill them. Their Black Panther sympathizer comrades in Tampa are joining in on the planning.  Tonight, while listening to the police scanner, a delightful announcement came through: the Pinellas-based police were diverting traffic on a bridge and awaiting Tampa police to respond to investigate. 

Americans need to realize that the philosophy of the Occupy movement is indistinguishable from that of most Progressive politicians in power now: centralize power into the hands of an elite few. Redistribute all income into the hands of the elite. Spend that redistributed money on politically favored groups to grow power further. Neutralize, imprison and destroy opposition.  The only difference is that the Occupy people are working in the streets with violence to assist the better dressed versions in office now.

Stay tuned America, the next few days should tell you a lot about the choice you face for America’s future. It is a choice between either of the following:

1.  occupation, submission and fear


2. freedom, prosperity and joy.                                                         


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