Occupy’s Epitath is Written as it is Rejected by Americans, but Watch for a Violent Last Gasp!

RIPOccupyThe much anticipated protests of thousands of Occupiers at the RNC have not materialized in Tampa.  This has come as a surprise to many and appears to be the result of several factors.  Tropical Storm Isaac is one reason, but not the most important.  The most likely reason for the failure of Occupy protests is that the young and other disillusioned people that were being attracted to it woke up and realized that the Occupy movement is morally, politically and ideologically bankrupt.  The activist recruits realized they were being set up to be used as pawns and cannon fodder by a large, centrally controlled global movement that was dangerous and merited rejection.

The Occupy movement started with a bang but it quickly revealed its true colors as the activists began to engage in uncivil disobedience, violence and anti-American rhetoric.  The Occupiers began blocking ports during a deep American recession.  They intentionally provoked police with unnecessary and pointless confrontations designed to produce propaganda images of protesters being attacked by the state. There were rapes and deaths in occupy tents, people defecating on police cars.  There were late night meetings here in St. Petersburg where socialist activists like the “Reverend” Bruce Wright were demanding that college students set up their own camps in St. Pete and if necessary confront the police. In other words, the “Reverend” was looking for the college kids to be cannon fodder. In the numerous “assemblies” and committee meetings that followed, it became clear that the movement was lead by people who actively and openly advocated for socialism and communism in our country. Finally the Black Bloc, “anonymous” and others in the Occupy movement itself began fomenting violent behavior. There was an attempted bombing of an Ohio commuter bridge. Bricks and other material were prepositioned in Tampa for use as weapons at the RNC.

It should be noted that at no point during the tea party movement has there ever been any violence.  There has never been the need for massive police presences during rallies to protect the city, only to protect the Tea Party from threats! The Tea party has always asked for more freedom while the occupiers have called for more government control in the form of socialism and communism.   It should be remembered that the Tea Party movement has always, sometimes to a fault, been a bottom up true grassroots movement. The occupy movement has been revealed as a top down “Astroturf” movement that was clearly controlled by the Unions, George Soros, & standard progressive groups like Code-pink and the like. In fact, those are the only ones who showed up this week at the RNC. The organizers were all that remained as the skeleton in public while the meat and heart stayed home. The Occupy events themselves were always tightly controlled by leaders how claimed they were merely “facilitating” a leaderless movement. All while they quashed dissent, scripted their meetings, narrowed the options available for action and prevented any true democratic participation in the tightly controlled general assemblies.

Is it any wonder why people who have half a head on their shoulders would reject such a movement?  It was not merely the extreme police presence in the streets of Tampa for the RNC .That has never deterred these folks at WTO, IMF and similar meetings in the past.  The failure of the occupy movement to produce any credible presence at the RNC is that Americans are waking up and rejecting their call for anarchy, socialism, communism and violence!  Even protestors were reported locally to tell the Black Bloc to stop swearing at the police and stop trying to foment violence in Ybor city. 

The occupy movement is dying as it should. It is dying because Americans have woken up and realized they were being duped by anarcho-communists in sheep’s clothing.  Occupy is being rejected by America for the same reason that Obama and his policies are: they are failures that have always lead to state servitude, poverty and national decay.  However, this is the time when the Occupy movement is at its most dangerous. Like the desperate Obama campaign, they will do anything to stay relevant. It is at times like these when they are likely to have a last gasp of violence. Watch for that tonight at the RNC or at the DNC event next week in Charlotte.  Also, remember that the same people behind occupy never give up and they will come back in another form – like a zombie that refuses to die. May God Continue to bless Americans with the insight into this dangerous movement and with the will to take back America by rejecting the dangerous and morally bankrupt policies of President Barack Obama.

RIP Occupy. May you stay buried this time.


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    Thanks for your tireless work and keep shedding light on this and other attempts to thwart our freedom.

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