St. Petersburg Pension and Benefits Bailout – The REAL Reason for St. Pete Tax and Fee Hikes.

 stopspendingnowsignBack in 2006, property taxes were going through the roof. Local governments were rolling in the tax fat from the government created housing bubble and were drunk on government spending.  At that time Mayor Bill Foster was on the city council and was fond of saying that any cut – even a few bucks- would destroy the “quality of life” for St. Petersburg.  He and the other city council members at the time (Leslie Curran, Jim Kennedy, Jeff Danner) were berated by throngs of angry taxpayers in the “Cut Taxes Now” property tax revolt.  They were told the main source of out of control government spending that needed to be modified: Defined Benefit Plans for government workers (pensions) and Cadillac health benefits.  They have since completely ignored these problems and now have a vision for how to deal with these outrageous and unpaid for expenses: Stick it to the hard-working citizens of St. Petersburg through higher taxes and fees.  The City is on the verge of raising another $10 million to cover a $5.3 million shortfall out of a $480 million budget while refusing to have the political courage to make the changes to the government worker benefits that need to be made.

You can do something about it on Thursday September 13 and Thursday September 27 by turning out at 6 pm at St. Petersburg City hall (175 5th St. N) and telling them this:  CUT SPENDING NOW!

Cut Spending Now!

Show up at ST Pete City Hall

9/13 & 9/27 6pm

175 5th St. N.

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2001_2011totalCityExpensesHere are some unavoidable facts you should know and proudly proclaim as you assail the out of control spending and ridiculous tax hikes offered by the city. 




The fact is that the City politicians are afraid to do what is right for the average, hard working citizen taxpayers of St. Petersburg.  They would rather grease the palms of those in the political class than help the working class. They would rather ignore the numbers before them and simply “hope” things will “change” in their favor one day. What they really want to do is deceive, distort and scare people with claims that houses will burn down, parks will be over-run with rats in thick grass and the sea would boil off if they didn’t have another tax hike.

The ball is in the court of the citizens of St. Petersburg to stand up and demand that spending is cut in St. Petersburg.  Come out on 9/13 and 9/27 to make your voice be heard.