What will YOU do about St. Pete Tax & Fee Hikes? $10 million in new taxes for $5 million in new spending?! Let Them Hear it: NO!

stopspendingnowsignThe City of St. Petersburg, along with most local taxing authorities, are pushing more taxes onto private citizens.  This time the City wants a “Fire Fee” to place an additional tax on property – totaling $10 million.  Last year they raised about $2.2 million from new red light cameras and are budgeting even more for 2013 ($2.5 million).   They also hiked many other fees as described here and in this list.


    • Red Light Cameras $2.1 million – new for 2012.
    • Parking fee and fine revenue up $1.3 million since 2011.
    • Utility tax revenues are up about $2 million per year since 2008.
    • Franchise tax revenues are also up about $2 million per year since 2008.
    • Gas tax revenues are up about $1 million per year since 2007.
    • Water resource revenues up $3-8 million per year since 2008 (except in 2010).
    • Sanitation revenue up about $ 3 million per year since 2006.

Cut Spending Now!

Show up at ST Pete City Hall

9/13 & 9/27 6pm

175 5th St. N.

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The city claims it is spending less every year, but as is often the case when politicians open their mouth, that is NOT THE TRUTH!  The fact is the city’s total spending has accelerated nearly every year since 2001 and reached a record $482 million in 2011.  The numbers for 2012 won’t be out until mid 2013, but the budget proposed for 2013 also has a higher amount planned in “government spending (non-utilities) than last year.  The 2012 estimated spending will be $206 million, but the 2013 estimated spending will be $211 million – $5 million higher (pdf page 15)!

 Here are the key points.


  1.  There is more money in the hands of St. Petersburg Government than in the past with a $70 million in annual surplus revenues since 2001.
  2.  There is more spending by the city of St. Petersburg proposed for 2013 than 2012. ($211 million vs. 206 million).
  3.  There is only a “budget shortfall” because the City of ST. Petersburg refuses to cut spending.  The city has an estimated $5 million “shortfall”, not $10 million or even $13 million.
  4.  They want an additional $10 million in revenue to cover and additional $5 million in spending. WHAT GIVES?