How to Take on City Hall and Win….

 So often we hear “you can’t fight City Hall”.  That is simply nonsense, because people take on and win battles with “City Hall” every day.  Unfortunately the people winning the battle are usually those begging for higher taxes and more government spending.  That said, there are many victories over governments that continue to grow and keep trying to raise taxes to do it. This needs to be one of those victories, but won’t happen overnight.  However, the battle to beat City Hall at their Tax and Spend Game in St. Petersburg begins again tonight at 6 pm.  Here are some tools to help you turn the tide in the favor of the taxpayer and average citizen. (continued below…)

Cut Spending Now!

Show up at ST Pete City Hall

9/13 & 9/27 6pm

175 5th St. N.

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  1.  Show up!  This is the most important thing.  Don’t like your taxes going up, then let the politicians know in person.  While they should do the right thing, the politicians like to make excuses about “no one asked for lower taxes” when they vote.
  2. Know the facts.  The Sun Beam Times has worked hard to educate the public on the St. Pete Budget “shortfall” charade and the over spending.  See these articles to get some facts. Basically, the city has spent more than ever over the last many years, only has an alleged “shortfall” becase they won’t cut spending, have bloated government worker benefits as the main source of overspending and don’t need to raise taxes. Raising taxes will hurt the economy and people trying to make their way in a poor job market.
  3. Manage Logistics.  When you show up, sign up to speak with the Clerk at the front of the room.  You will have three minutes to make your case.  Use facts and passion and call for specific actions you want (e.g. cut spending, don’t raise taxes etc..).
  4. Keep working.  The only way to win these types of battles is to persist.  The Politicians and the political class they support have staying power, staff and money.  You have something more important: the ability to vote them all out of power.  Subscribe to the Sun Beam Times to stay informed and keep communicating with the City government through and

See you tonight!