Contempt of St. Petersburg City Government Tax Raisers – Will you Stand Up to it tonight? Chamber of Commerce Opposing Tax hike!

 2013CityBudgetProcessFINALExcerptSometimes the City “leaders” just make it too easy.  It is a tried and true assertion from advocates of small government that politicians will mislead, hide the facts and outright deceive the citizens they serve for their own ends.  But when the City of St. Petersburg Council members and the Mayor jump into action, they prove it every day and turn chuckles of “not really” into stunned belief that they really do hold the citizens in contempt.  Case in point:  Council member Jim Kennedy refuses to give up on the soundly defeated “Fire fee”.  Kennedy , Mayor Foster and others offer the laugh lines of “the city will be deconstructed” and if the fee doesn’t pass or taxes aren’t raised.  They say things like “it is only a dollar a day” while ignoring the high taxes already paid daily and the damage their taxes and regulations do to the economy.  Yup, these Politicians hold the citizens in contempt – but they themselves are beneath contempt.  Tonight will be the last chance to stop a $10 million theft of a tax hike by the City of St. Petersburg and you CAN do it!  The tide is turning in the favor of the tax cutters as private citizens, the Chamber of Commerce (excerpt of their letter to above)  and even liberal political groups are coming out to say “no!” – come join them tonight.  (continued below)

Cut Spending Now!
Council@StPete.Org &
Show up at St. Pete City Hall
9/27, 6pm
175 5th St. N.

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This blog has enumerated the outrageous increases in spending, the out of control pension and government worker benefits, the wasteful pier endeavors, the dangers of borrowing against future non-existence tax windfalls and much more.  Others in the community are coming together as well to stop a tax hike.  The Sun Beam Times has learned that the St. Petersburg Chamber of Commerce will be officially opposing the property tax hike as well (link to full letter is above).  After the Sun Beam Times Broke the story of Councilman Kennedy’s attempt to resurrect the zombie fire fee from the grave, the progressive “People’s Budget Review” are mobilized again to stop it.  Other citizens from local patriot groups will be in attendance tonight as well. All these things are good developments.  In the end, despite the vapid assertions of the politicians, quality of life does NOT come from the government.  It comes from private citizens.  In the end it is not the government in control of citizens, it is the citizens in control of their government that creates the most good.  You can be part of what will hopefully be a new trend in St. Petersburg for years to come if you come out tonight to oppose tax hikes:  A government truly of, by and for the people, and not of, by and for the politicians and the special interest who want power in their hands instead.