City of St. Pete Raises Taxes $10 million – Time for New City Leadership.

The St. Petersburg City Council voted 7-1 to raise property taxes $10 million despite protests from the Chamber of Commerce and local citizens to the contrary.  The fire fee went down to defeat again. Then the City Council members began bickering, a few hours before the budget deadline, over what should be in the budget.  The keystone cops looked like Rhodes Scholars compared to these folks.  New Leadership will be required to have a city council that serves the people instead of themselves and special interests.  New leadership will be required to protect the taxpayers from deceptive politicians and to manage what could turn into an emerging bankruptcy. It will be up to the citizens of St. Petersburg  to replace them beginning in 2013.  Look for those who believe in limited government and who will see the government as being a servant of the citizens and not the citizens as being supplicants to the government.


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  1. David Simpson

    I agree completely. As time approaches keep us abreast of the ones (names)voting on these tax increases. It should be easy with only one voting against.

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