“Lady-like” vs. “Women don’t care”: A Media Hypocrisy Case study


The national media is again demonstrating why 60% of the country doesn’t trust them.  Today it is because of their over the top reporting on one word uttered by Republican Candidate for the Senate in Missouri Todd Akin.  After a debate with Democrat Claire McCaskill, the Senator was interviewed on camera and noted that the style of McCaskill was far more aggressive than in the past and not consistent with her previous “lady-like” demeanor.  Well it is as if the man was calling for the ends of Women suffrage given the fierce and endless media reporting on it.  This is in comparison to the mainstream SILENCE over the Obama Campaign manager Stephanie Cutter stating that Women “Don’t care” about the last four years of Obama’s policies.

The evidence is easy to find in a simple Google Search.  The google search for “Lady Like McKaskill” shows the top ten hits are stories by major media outlets like USA Today, CNN, Washington Post, CBS News and more.  The same search – even today – for “Stephanie Cutter Women” shows ONLY conservative blogs and Fox News reporting on it in the top ten hits and only half the stories are related to the insulting comment.  The Sun Beam Times reported on this phenomenon earlier this week when comparing the Romney coverage on the “47%  comment” to the Cutter Insult to Women.

America, the time has come to ignore ABC, CBS, NBC, the New York Times, the LA Times and the Tampa Bay Times when it comes to political stories. It is time to do your own homework and also to turn to reliable and unbiased sources like the Blaze or Fair and Balanced sources like Fox News.


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  1. Donna

    You are 100% correct. The pro-Obama media is more than a disgrace. I think they feed off one another. The only surprise I have is that there is a little bit of questioning about the Ambassador’s death and Obama’s lies about it. Mostly the pro-Obama media attacks Romney / Ryan and anyone conservative.

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