Obama the Liar – What are you Going to Do America?

This Picture says it all, but please read below if you are not up to speed on the facts.


  • The Fact is that President Obama still has NOT personally stated that America was attacked again on 9/11/12.
  • The DAY AFTER the attack on Benghazi on 9/11/12 that killed four Americans, the White House KNEW that it was a terrorist attack by Islamic Militants.
  • The President dispatched UN Ambassador Susan Rice to Deceive and Lie To America that it was a “You Tube Video” and a SPontaneous act based on the Demonstrations that led to the attack
  • The demonstrations began AFTER –  AFTER- AFTER the terrorist attack!
  • The President STILL -in front of the U.N. General Assembly – STILL states that the attack was due to a ridiculous 13 minute You Tube video.
  • The White House took about one week to reveal that indeed America was attacked on 9/11/12 by Islamic Terrorists.
  • THE REAL REASON THE PRESIDENT WON’T ADMIT THE TRUTH IS THAT WHILE HE BEATS HIS CHEST THAT HE KILLED BIN LADEN, HE CAN’T REVEAL THAT THE ONLY REPEAT 9/11 Attack in American History occured on his watch due to his incompetence and his bad policies!
  • Obama can’t admit that his extensive efforts to encourage the “Arab Spring” and overthrow regimes that were supporessing militant Islam was a Failure.
  • Obama can’t admit that he is cozy with the Muslim Brotherhood as revealed at the Blaze with the move “The Project

Shame on Obama for putting his political future above the interests of the People of the United States.

Shame on the press for refusing to reveal the truth.

Shame on America if they re-elect this liar.

If he will lie about this, he will lie about ANYTHING to spread his power over Americans.


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  1. Donna

    Absolutely President Obama is getting a pass from the pro-Obama media. WH is working feverishly to get this swept under the rug. Congress will investigate AFTER the election. They’ll probably put Holder in charge of the investigation. Al-Qaeda prisoners break out of jail in Iraq? You are right about watching The Project. Obamabots will not wake up. Obama’s appeasement is dangerous.

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