AWOL Media Roundup: 1) Black Preacher – “Leave Democratic Party”; 2)ACLU – Obama is the King of Warrantless Searches; 3) Obama Bribing Lockheed Martin with Tax dollars. 4) Fast and Furious/Obama Massacres; 5) Libya Cover-up

BishopEWJacksonWOFheader_300x155The Media is Absent Without Leave (AWOL) when it comes to informing Americans on the truth relating to President Obama and the real impact of big government on our lives.  Since the Mainstream media and liberal blogosphere has elected to protect President Obama at all costs, it is up to small blogs like the Sun Beam Times to do the heavy lifting and alert the American people on what they are not hearing.  The summary for this week is this:  President Obama is a dangerous man who has initiated gun running programs leading to massacres in Mexico, failed to stop preventable deaths of Americans in Libya, is bribing corporations for political gains, and a perpetrating a loss of American due process rights to protect their private communications.  The Media is also concealing that there are black Pastors who think that African-Americans are being taken for granted by the Democratic party and they should leave the party in an “Exodus”.  After you read this, watch the network news (ABC/CBS/NBC) and read the Tampa Bay Times. Then watch Fox News and go to “”.  See where you are more likely to hear these critical stories.

1) Reverend Jackson to Black Christians – End Slavish Devotion to Democrat Party

Bishop E.W. Jackson of “S.T.A.N.D.” delivers a passionate message to Black Christians in a video on his website: “We don’t need the Democrat Party or any party to take care of us – we need GOD!” & “Come out from among them, Exodus now!”.  The Bishop reveals how the Democrat party has taken blacks for granted and states the legacy of broken promises and perpetuated poverty is by design and will never end with the Democratic Party. He states: “They have insulted us, used us, and manipulated us. They have saturated the black community with ridiculous lies,” (speaking directly to the black community). ”They think we are stupid and that these lies will hold us captive while they violate everything we believe as Christians.”


2) ACLU:  Barack Obama Warrantless Electronic Surveillance King!

The ACLU has revealed that when it comes to warrantless wiretaps, President Obama puts the Bush administration to shame!  The ACLU sued to have documents released from the Department of Justice showing the amount of monitoring of incoming and outgoing traffic of private Americans have increased by 361% for email and network data from 2009-2011!


3) Obama illegally buying off Lockheed Martin with your tax dollars for votes!  

The President is using unconstitutional and illegal powers (per Senator Lindsey Graham) to grant taxpayer dollars to Lockheed Martin to issue severance pay and cover the legal costs for workers to be laid off in Virginia. These workers are to be laid off because of the “Sequestration” of defense dollars brought about by the failure of President Obama and Congress to reach a long term debt-reduction deal.  The company was planning to send lay off notices to these workers as required by law with 60 days notice (the President as a Senator had supported a 90 day notice in the past!).  However, that would be politically embarrassing to the President in a key swing state on the eve of the general election.  This is a bribe to buy votes and is another example of the military-industrial complex at work with President Obama pulling the strings.


4) Obama Gun-Running operation Kills Mexican Teens and Students.

The Fast and Furious scandal deepened beyond the death of American U.S. border patrol agent Brian Terry at the hands of Mexican drug criminals using guns put in their hands directly by the Obama administration.  Univision has uncovered documents from Mexico showing that the operation also put guns in the hands of Mexican drug gangs that were used to kill 57 people in Mexico! In one attack, 14 teens were killed at a birthday party stormed by a drug cartel gang wielding weapons put in their hands directly by Eric Holder’s Department of Justice. The President continues to stand by his Attorney General.


5) President Obama and Secretary Clinton Refuse Security Request from Libyan Diplomats before 9/11/12 attack!

First President Obama perpetuated lie after lie that the Libyan consulate attack that killed 4 Americans on 9/11/12 was the result of a spontaneous demonstration inspired by a You Tube video. He finally admitted the truth, albeit quietly, and the media is NOT reporting this as a “Crisis moment” or a “scandal” for the President as they undoubtedly would if this was a George Bush incident (Need proof? Note how they pounced on Romney for questioning the apology for the video the day after the attack). Now discovered are documents showing that the Libyan diplomatic team was begging for additional security after they had been attacked with IED’s twice and up to 50 other events.  It is clear that the President is trying to sweep his incompetence under the rug so he can still try to claim that “his” execution of Osama Bin Laden proves he has the foreign policy credibility to justify re-election to the White House.


So, Tampa Bay Times, will you be doing full page and weeks-long expose’s on these scandals and stories or just keep cheerleading for your “dear leader”? Don’t hold your breath Tampa Bay.


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  1. Donna

    I applaud the minister’s attempt to wake up the Black community as to the true agenda of this Progressive Democrat party. This Administration is hell bent to go around Congress and make Congress irrelevant. What happened in Libya will never be investigated if Obama is reelected. This administration is, as you say, dangerous. Thanks for putting this together.

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