Raymond James CEO Paul Reilly Endorses Mitt Romney – Voted for Obama Last Time.


Yesterday at the Suncoast Tiger bay Club, St. Petersburg native and CEO of Raymond James Financial Paul Reilly stated he would vote Mitt Romney for President, changing his mind after voting for Obama previously.  He cited the lack of action of President Obama on the debt and the out of control government spending.  He also pointed to the government policies that have resulted in more printing of money by the Federal Reserve that is making our dollar weaker.  Mr. Reilly indicated that the loose monetary policy is responsible for a falsely inflated stock market and hurts the poor and middle class through threatened inflation. However, in response to a question by the Sun Beam Times founder Dr. David McKalip about a prosperous American future without the Federal Reserve, he placed the blame for our hard times on lack of leadership in D.C. and excess spending.  Coupled with the abysmal performance of Barack Obama at the debates last night and Romney’s outstanding performance, this should give Romney a much needed boost in the highly critical Tampa Bay region for the election.


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