Get Paid to Ensure Accurate Vote Counting on Election Day

Voter Fraud - make the vote countVoter Fraud is a reality in America and it is a non-partisan and age-old problem.  In a Presidential election where just a few key states could decide the election with just a few hundred or less votes, getting an accurate vote count has never been more important.  With this in mind, Clearwater-based “Save America Foundation” is taking action to monitor the polls to ensure the actual vote made is reported at the bolls.  They are actually paying people to take exit polls on election day.  Poll watchers are needed in two St. Petersburg locations, with four stationed at each location. The leader at the site will be paid $200 and the other workers $100. What a better way to protect our democratic process than to get paid for doing it?

Volunteers Needed
Follow this Link to get paid to watch the polls on election day!



The poll watchers will be responsible for asking people leaving the polling place how they voted and then having them sign an affidavit to attest to that fact. The data from these affidavits will then be evaluated scientifically using sound statistics to compare to the actual results reported in those precincts. Save America Foundation President Fred Brownbill offers “when we did this in the past, those precincts that we watched were more likely to have accurate voter results than those we didn’t”.  He went on to say that this offered some proof as to the program’s effectiveness. The need for this program is described in greater detail in this article at the Save America Foundation Website.