Signs Ordinance – Killing St. Pete Jobs for the most needy

signspinnerpizzaThe City of St. Petersburg is considering an ordinance that would stop jobs for many of our neediest citizens.  People with few skills, students, the homeless are among them since they often take jobs as “sign holders” and “sign spinners”. Unfortunately there are some residents who just seem to think that such people are “unsightly” or “aesthetically unpleasing” and wish to ban them from having these jobs.  The proposed sign ordinance would ban anyone who holds such signs from doing anything other than simply standing on the sidewalk like a statue holding the signs.  That is unless you and your fellow citizens show up on Thursday 10/18 at 6 pm, to stop these sorts of job-killing rules.

 stopregulatoryquagmiresmallCome to St. Petersburg City hall Thursday, 6 pm 10/18 to say NO job-killing sign ordinances.

175 5th St. N.



 Those who would ban these sign holders and their jobs offer one reason only – aesthetics. They have offered no data to demonstrate that there is a safety concern. They have offered no complaints from surrounding businesses or neighbors or your average driver who isn’t also a community activist.  They are also working to ban moving images on electronic signs or sign messages that change any more than every 5 minutes. This is even though the city has electronic messaging that changes every 2 seconds!

These sorts of regulations will grow and grow unless local citizens stand up and tell the City Council they are sick of their job killing ideas just to satisfy some over-active special interest lobbies.  Come out and tell them “no!” on Thursday.


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  1. Bill

    They will say it’s a safety concern. Laws already on the books should be enforced to keep them out of the road. And if they are too distracting for you to safely drive, then all riders on bikes had better beware of you.

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