America’s Doctors Publish Letter to Patients in USA Today in Battleground States: “Vote Out Meddling Politicians”.

letterheaderdpmaDozens of doctors from across the nation are sending a message to their patients on Monday right before Election Day: Vote for the candidates that keep the patient-physician relationship sacred.  The doctors have pooled their resources and bought half-page USA Today ads in five battleground states to be published Monday.  The message is aimed squarely at undecided voters and lets them know that America’s doctors want to serve their patient first, but increased government and insurance company meddling are getting in the way. The letter asks patients to vote to ensure that they get the care they need without interference from governments and insurance companies.  The doctors represent a variety of medical advocacy groups and many are known leaders in larger medical organizations.  The effort was aided by the recently created “Doctor Patient Medical Association”, and does not specifically mention any candidate by name. However, it is clear that the ad is pointing out that President Obama is the wrong choice since he has supported the “new healthcare law and its thousands of regulations, mandates, protocols, and paperwork”. 

A leader in the effort, Dr. Marcy Zwelling, a delegate to the AMA who has consistently opposed Obamacare offers, “I want to focus on what is best for my patients and not what a government official deems cost effective”. The ad points to a much publicized DPMA poll that showed that 83% of doctors are considering quitting medicine based on the continued over-regulation and interference in their professional judgment and patient care.  Dr. Mark Schiller of the Doctor Patient Medical Association is quoted in the ad and states “Patients won’t be able to find a doctor unless we turn this around.”

Dr. McKalip, founder of and main contributer to this “Sun Beam Times” blog also contributed to the effort.  The Sun Beam Times has featured the series “Obamacare on the Frontlines” describing real life stories of how patients are negatively impacted by the law through rationing, loss of trust in the doctor, interference by insurance companies and decreased quality of care.  Dr. McKalip is a past President of the Florida Neurosurgical Society, member of the Board of the Florida Medical Association and also a delegate to the AMA for the Florida Medical Associaiton but supported this effort entirely as an individual.

The effort drew together doctors from Doctors from more than 20 states, including OH, PA, FL, VA, CO & WI. The ad is reproduced here:



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  1. Don Arnold

    Great article. Great that doctors are asking their patients to vote against Obama. They deserve better than having a board decide their fate, and mine and yours.

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