Obama’s $86 Billion Ransom Note for the 99%.

taxrichfiscalcliffPresident Obama has made it clear that his political goals of class warfare will be use to punish certain classes: the poor and the middle class.  He has made it clear that he is willing to push poor and middle class Americans off the “fiscal cliff” if  Congress refuses to continue lower tax rates for 100% of Americans.  His demand to raise $86 billion a year from “millionaires and billionaires” will fund about eight and a half days of spending and would not be accompanied by any serious cuts in federal spending.  So instead of ensuring that all Americans will continue to enjoy the lower (but still high) tax rates beginning January 1, 2013, the President is prepared to let taxes go up on everyone in a selfish temper tantrum to push his extreme political agenda.  Senator Reid has a plan that will keep the lower tax rates for ALL Americans and cut spending as passed by the house, they have only to take it up and pass it to protect the 99% from a tax hike. Reid will likely facilitate the Obama temper tantrum by refusing to govern sensibly.  Basically Obama is holding the poor and middle class hostage to ensure that he gets his $86 billion political ransom and continue his politically criminal transformation of America.

demsoffcliffThe President has spent the last two years offering the false political complaint that the “rich” don’t pay their fair share even though the top 1% of the population paid 36% of all taxes collected by the federal government and the bottom 50% pay 2.5% of all taxes! The President’s tax hike plan has nothing to do with solving our country’s massive debt problems.  It is designed solely to drive a wedge between “the 99%” and the “rich” so that division can be exploited for more political class warfare over the next decade.  The only way to continue the President’s growth of massive government is to have Americans lower their living standards and become equally poor.  The President’s spending on health care, green jobs, stimulus and infrastructure is not sustainable so at some point rationing and spending cuts will have to come.  In the end game of this class warfare strategy, those with no jobs will be made to turn on those with jobs so that each will work 30 hours per week or less.  Those who make $50,000 per year will be told to go after the new rich earning more than $100,000.  This is the normal pathway in entitlement states as was recently seen in failed Greece and in failing France where the income tax rate for those over a million is now over 75% and people are fleeing like French actor Gerard Deperdieu. The fact is that even if 100% of the wealth of American “millionaire and billionaires” were confiscated by the IRS the government would raise only $616 billion, enough to run the federal government for about 4 months and not enough to dent the $16 trillion deficit or the $86 trillion unfunded Medicare liability.

Congress was wise not to pass the “plan b” tax hike proposed by Speaker John Boehner. The plan would raise taxes, advance the President’s political agenda and not require any real cuts in government spending.  The only way that Republicans should consider raising taxes on anyone is when the government starts to cut real spending at the federal level. It is not good enough to cut the projected growth of spending since even a penny added to the deficit will cause the private group of bankers known as the Federal Reserve” to print more money and harm the poor more by the massive inflation that will inevitably follow.  The President is holding poor and middle class Americans hostage. They must now face a tax hike on January first all because the President wants to further a political strategy of taxing one group of Americans to  further his collectivist and dangerous agenda for America.  The only question is, will Americans see through this charade or be brainwashed by the Propaganda pushing media who are participating in the fundamental transformation of America to a failed European model?