Jesus the Liberator

mangerThere is a natural tendency for men and women to enslave one another. To place their own power above another and to gain from the loss they impose on their brother. Man also tends to forget his own natural right to be free. In rejecting his freedom, man subjects himself to the arbitrary whims other men, trading his liberty in a feeble bargain for a false sense of security. There is a tendency of man to be less than he could be; to consign himself to mediocrity and avoid the harder path to his own greatness. In short, man is a sinner.

Jesus changed this. Our Lord and Savior Jesus Christ was sent to this earth as a gift from God to let individuals know they are great. They are capable of amazing achievements if they would only embrace their greatness. Jesus Christ came to us to let each man and woman know that he need not live in subjugation to the arbitrary whims of another man. Man was born free and need only subject himself to the will of God – never to another man. Jesus gave us a new commandment: that we must love one another as we love God and ourselves. That we must treat our brother and our sister as another self. Jesus taught us that we must reject sin in order to best achieve our own greatness and be closer to God. He died because of our sins and for our sins. Man’s own folly caused us to reject Jesus and have him crucified by a Roman government we placed above ourselves. The Son of Man chose to allow this execution as a sacrifice for our sins so that we may see the sin we must reject and learn the proper path to take to achieve the greatness that is God’s expectation for all of us.

Jesus lived in a time where people were imprisoned by the government not commonly due to crimes against each other, but for rejection of government authority over man.

Jesus thus asked us to reach out to the prisoner.

Jesus lived in a time when men were impoverished not due to some random act, but due to the government that refused the natural property rights of each person and their right to produce in a free market.

Jesus thus taught us to reach out to the poor.

Jesus lived in a time when widows and children had no rights and were subject to the arbitrary whims of those with power.

Jesus thus expects us to treat the “least amongst us” as we would treat him and ourselves.

On this Christmas Day, let us resolve to begin anew as individuals and as a people. Let us resolve to achieve the greatness we each are capable of and reject the sin that is our constant temptation. Let us find that path to God that Jesus has laid out for us. The path that comes from love of our brother and our full embrace of the God-granted freedom we all enjoy and can never fully reject.

These profound ideas on the recognition of man’s greatness and the need to reject sin is annunciated by the oldest Christian church in the world, the Holy Catholic Apostolic Church.  The Catechism is a source to understand these ideas of freedom, the dignity of man and to begin to understand the greatness of God the Father, the Son and the Holy Spirit.  Com to the Catholic Church and attend mass, study the catechism and the bible to help achieve the peace and love of Christ that will be your salvation and produce the greatest good for mankind.  If you have left the Catholic church, come back to join us.  If you are looking for a better way, come see what the Catholic Church has to offer.