Times Publishes My Letter Exposing City Council Members’ Hypocrisy.

ExtraThe Tampa Bay Times published my letter today relating to the incompentence of City attorneys in the Bradley Westphal Workers Compensation Case they lost.  The letter also addresses the hypocrisy of the City Council members who support my opponent in the St. Petersburg City Council Race while accusing me of a conflict of interest. They then use their own conflict of interest to turn the wheels of the city government in ways to serve their own political agenda!

The letter is in response to the City’s indefensible move to deny patients access to my neurosurgical services to divert attention away from their mishandling of the Bradley Westphal case. The politicians are also frightened that I may actually hurt their agenda of ever increasing government spending in exchange for votes. My goal is to reform government worker benefit plans to protect them for government workers and to prevent more tax hikes for the Citizens of St. Petersburg.

City turned its back on disabled firefighter March 10, John Romano column; Doctor candidate won’t get business from city | March 14
City deserves better
The city of St. Petersburg should be ashamed of itself. First it denies a courageous firefighter, Bradley Westphal, the workers’ compensation benefits he clearly deserved for an on-the-job injury. Then they waste $150,000 in taxpayer dollars fighting the proper claim by Westphal. Then they misuse my medical opinions in court without consulting me to support their bad case. Then they lose in court based on their bad judgment — leading the 1stt District Court of Appeal to rule a workers’ compensation law as unconstitutional.
Finally, the city staff and attorneys decide that I — not they — have a conflict of interest and decide they will deny access for city workers to my neurosurgical services because I happen to be running for City Council. They do this to divert attention from their own failures while hypocritical politicians pile on. In the same week that a story is published in which council chair Karl Nurse expresses concerns about a “conflict of interest” he ironically states I have, he endorses my opponent. Meanwhile, City Council member Charlie Gerdes inaccurately states I don’t want city workers to have “any benefits,” while all I want is commonsense reforms to protect the workers’ benefits but also citizens from tax hikes.
Is there any wonder why I am running for City Council? The politicians and bureaucrats running our government are incompetent and serve their own agendas, not those of the citizens! St. Petersburg residents deserve better.
Dr. David McKalip, candidate for St. Petersburg City Council, District 4

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