Stop St. Pete Utility Bill and Tax Hikes! 9/12 at City Hall – “YOUR CITY CAMPAIGN” Continues!

Action Alert: St. Pete City Hall Wants to raise your Taxes and Utility Bills….AGAIN!

itsyourcitysunThe city has raised $12-$25 million ANNUALLY in taxes and fees on utility bills since 2003. $10 million property tax hike last year. $10 million property and utility bill hike proposed this year!

Tell them “No MORE” on 9/12. 6 p.m. 175 5th St. N. @ City Hall

Don’t let the tax hikers be the only voice at City hall Thursday night! (The “People’s Budget Review” will be there demanding more spending and supporting higher taxes!  All to redistribute YOUR money to their friends!)

As readers of this blog know, I ran for St. Pete City Council this year.  I greatly enjoyed meeting so many of you during my run. While I missed being eligible for the general election by only 169 votes, my campaign was never about me. My goal has been to rally the citizens of St. Petersburg to take back St. Petersburg from the elitist political class* that run this city. In other words my only goal has been to make St. Petersburg YOUR City. This political class* includes corporations, union leaders, extreme “progressive” special interests, government bureaucrats and politicians. The political class in general is any group that would use the power of government to help themselves financially or to gain more power for themselves. However you can change that, if you join the campaign to STOP THE TAX and UTILITY BILL HIKES and make St. Petersburg YOUR CITY!  I am asking you to join me and others at St. Petersburg city Hall on September 12 at 6 pm at 175 5th St. N.

At City Hall this campaign to take St. Petersburg back will launch its next step. We will work to stop the $10 million of tax and utility bill hikes that the City Council and the self-proclaimed “conservative” Mayor Bill Foster is trying to impose on St. Petersburg. Last year Mayor Foster led the charge to raise $10 million in taxes, first failing with a fire fee and then succeeding with a property tax hike. He now is proposing $3 million in property tax hikes and $7 million in utility bill hikes. This is after garbage bills went up $19 million since 2006, and water bills went up $3-8 million per year since 2008 (except in 2010). The city has collected an extra $3-$10 million per year in combined taxes on electric and phone bills since 2003 and another $3-4 million in “franchise” taxes on electric bills in addition to direct electric bill taxes. In total, the city has collected an extra $12-$25 million ANNUALLY in taxes and fees on utility bills since 2003. They have also created new revenues with red light cameras that merely bring in your cash while actually increasing car crashes! Now they want more. These tax increases routinely get covered at The Sun Beam Times Blog in stories like this.

The city wants more because the politicians refuse to control spending. They have $325 million in unfunded retirement plans that will bankrupt St. Pete. This is for employees who make three times more than most citizens in St. Pete. They envision wasting tax money on a new pier when private money would build a better pier. They spread the money to “patronage” jobs to buy votes for future elections and waste it in every conceivable way. The city has spent more money in the last two years than ever before in the history of St. Pete and the political class plans to increase the binge so they can get fat while you get poor.If you want to take back your city, it won’t be through the candidates before you for City Council and Mayor.It appears that nearly every one of them are playing the same games. To take back your city you are going to have to come together as a people and tell your government that you expect better. You will need to let them know you are on to them. You will need to upset the apple cart.

As we – the ordinary citizens and taxpayers – are sacrificing more and more, local extreme progressive groups are coming to city hall to demand MORE spending and support higher taxes!  The “People’s Budget Review”  is made up of Union leaders and extreme liberal groups like the Sierra Club and led by well known liberal activist Darden Rice. They will be there en mass on Thursday. They want to put YOUR tax money in their pockets for feel good projects that will mainly benefit them and their friends! Don’t let the tax hikers be the only voice at City hall Thursday night!

Here are the steps you can take to make St. Petersburg YOUR CITY

  1. Sign up for your free email subscription to the Sun Beam Times at  Tell them YOUR story – about how you can’t afford to keep funding this overly expensive government.
  2. Look for calls to action “Take Back your city”
  3. Come to St. Petersburg City hall on 9/12 at 6 pm at 175 5th St. N. to stop tax and utility bill hikes
  4. Spread the word to your friends to join the “Your City” campaign.
  5. Recognize when the Political class* is taking advantage of you and let them know you are on to them.
    1. Please, join this campaign. If you don’t you will have the same rude awakening St. Pete had in 2007 when the property tax crisis hit. The same rude awakening of Detroit, Stockton, Vallejo, Central Falls, RI and so many other cities that went bankrupt, but not before cutting back police, fire and basic services as they rose taxes through the roof.

If you want to keep St. Petersburg a beautiful and prosperous city, it is time to step up to the plate and do your part to take back your city. Subscribe today to the Sun Beam Times blog at to join the fight. See you Thursday night!

*I have refrained from listing all specific examples of the political class here for now. They know who they are.  Generally they will be the ones supporting government based solutions to problems. They will be the one who gain financially from big government deals. They are generally leaders of organizations pushing this agenda in St. Pete, often ignoring or working against the best interest of their members in the process. The Union leaders are an obvious group; working to maintain fat benefit packages for government workers that can NEVER be paid out. They do this while subjecting the city to bankruptcy and refusing to demand that the actual retirement plans get funded – instead preferring money be spent on special projects: like with the People’s Budget Review which is funded and run by many of these Union leaders.

The biggest clue as to members of the political class in St. Petersburg will be those looking to build a train from Clearwater to St. Pete while supporting a $130 million annual sales tax hike on the poor and middle class to do this.  That money will be redistributed to the polticial class. Watch the liberal, RINO, (Republican in Name Only), and crony capitalists scurry to the feeding trough for the coming rail boondoggle. That will be the biggest clue. You will know the members of the Political Class as those working for themselves rather than their members or the taxpayers by their support of the “Greenlight Pinellas” campaign to build light rail and quadruple the PSTA budget. Greenlight Pinellas is funded with your tax money to fund political propaganda — all so the rich and well connected benefit while you lose more of your hard earned money and freedom.


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  1. ron thompson

    Mr. Thompson wrote…
    A hallmark of our great country is having people of all opinions, all voice, join together peacefully to reach consensus. “Governments are instituted among Men, deriving their just Powers from the Consent of the Governed…”

    I have been involved in PBR, making phone calls, forewarding facebook invitations, sending reminder emails and the like. There was no secret PBR conspiracy to raise taxes, it was broad open democracy in action.

    In prior years, the budget was created by a few elected and appointed officials, outside of public oversight, let alone participation.

    PBR; last year, this year, and in the future is an opportunity to work together as a shareholder in your community, hand in hand with your neighbors, to establish priorities without the corrupting influence of big dollar political payola.

    Don’t complain, participate. The “PBR people” are just citizens with a vision for their city. Join the People’s Budget Review, and bring YOUR vision for the city’s future to the table.
    Dr. McKalip Responds:
    Mr. Thompson, no allegation has been made of a “secret PBR conspiracy to raise taxes,”. There is no SECRET conspiracy, it is openly acknowledged planning to raise taxes and utility bills to finance big government. That is what you did last year when your group supported the $10 million property tax hike. That is why you won’t oppose the $10 million property tax and utility bill hike this year. IF you REALLY cared about the little guy, and neighborhoods and jobs you would stand up against confiscating more of their hard earned dollars for wasteful government programs that enrich the well connected.

    You are also right that governments SHOULD derive their JUST powers from CONSENT of the governed.  However, the governed INCLUDES THE LARGE MINORITY who do not want their taxes and utility bills raised. It is immoral to rally a small majority (actually an active minority of the public) to raise taxes and utility bills in order to transfer that confiscated wealth to government programs that will fail and that simply enrich the well connected.  How many  of the proposed neighborhood grants will go to those involved with PBR? How much of the “summer jobs programs” money will go to those as well? This is why De Tocqueville warned against DEMOCRACY – it allows a small majority to trample the freedoms and confiscate the wealth of the minority. That is why progressives love “democracy” and why Pres. Obama is mistaken when he refers to us as a “constitutional democracy”. Such democracy’s amount to mob rule. We are, indeed, a Republic.  That is why I am a republican (with a little R).

    Thanks for the discussion…
    David McKalip

  2. Rick S.

    I did not opt-in to your phone calling and demand you stop calling my mobile phone with automated messages. You don’t provide any opt-out options. So now you have my email so you can email me to get my phone number and drop me from your call list.

  3. Sheree Rensel

    One of your recorded messages just came to me via telephone. I want to know how to get my name and number OFF your telephone list. I don’t want your calls.

  4. Boss Tweed

    Yes, think about the children, and please don’t upset the apple cart. The status quo has brought us a much nicer life than it would if we actually had to produce something ourselves.

    People would prefer to not know that their taxes and fees will keep going up to help our children.

    As you can see a couple of them have taken the time and made the effort to complain about anyone talking about raising taxes and fees because they really care and are not one of our minions. They really just don’t like messages that may make them or anyone else think about all the money that were are making working for our best interests.

    Just listen to the St. Pete Times. They say we are doing great things for ourselves, and they did not change their name because they were caught lying to the public about a million times and covering up corruption.

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