Tell City Hall: Live on budget and don’t raise taxes and utility bills $10 million.

Your City needs you. Tonight. The city plans to raise your utility bills and taxes tonight. You need to come to City hall at 6 pm at 175 5th St. N. to tell them NO! The city government wants your money because they think they can spend it better than you. (See graphics below).  Before you sit by silently and watch them raise taxes and utility bills tonight, you may want to know some facts about city spending and taxation. Then please come to city hall tonight. Grab a yellow card and sign up for three minutes of public comment. The tax hiker/big spender special interest groups will be there to ask for higher taxes and more spending. Will you let them go unanswered?  


City Spending facts
($468.8 million in 2012)

City Taxation
($451 million in 2012)

– The city government costs a family of four and EXTRA $1,500 since 2001 (with 3,500 fewer residents and 365 fewer workers!)

– $51.9 million in deficit spending in the last two years.

– $325 million total unfunded liability for city employee retirement benefits.

-zero dollars saved for employee retiree health benefits

-city workers make more than three times the median income of individual city residents ($75K vs. $25k)

-Retiree health benefits are being paid for by extra taxes on citizens every year – not retirement savings.

-family members of city workers have 75% of of their health insurance paid for by taxpayers.

-the City has built up $80 million in EXCESS reserves beyond what is legally required to meet obligations – The city is saving your money instead of you!

-crony capitalists get your money to spend on their profit generating enterprises.


St. Pete is on the road to Bankruptcy like Detroit.

-The City government of St. Pete wants to raise utility bills $7 million next year – again.


-The City government of St. Pete wants to raise property taxes $3million next year – again.


-The city has raised utility bills $12-25million every year since 2003.


-The city raised property taxes $10 million last year.


-cutting the millage rate is not the same as cutting actual property taxes you pay (if home values go up).


-When property tax revenues dipped in 2008, the city simply raised rates and taxes on utility bills, fees and fines.


-The city is bringing in over a million a year from red light cameras that only cause INCREASED car accidents.


Taxes and fees are draining money from the REAL economy and hurting the poor and middle class.





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  1. Boss Tweed

    This was NOT in the St. Pete Times, and therefore, it cannot be true.

    Once again, do not listen to anyone complaining about our policies to make our life better, and remember that the St. Pete Times did NOT change its name because it was caught lying to the public and covering up corruption.

    Also, who cares if taxes and fees go up? It’s for our own good. We can obviously spend your money much better than you can. After all, who else could have thought up a plan to blow a bunch of money on a pier that a confused majority didn’t want?

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