The “Law of the Land” Calls for Defunding Obamacare. President Ignores Other Laws on Whims

billofrightsIn the current fight to defund Obamacare, the President and his supporters are fond of saying that “Obamacare is the Law of the land”.  Based on this bumper sticker argument they seek to have all opposition  to this program stopped and for all hands on deck to implement it and fund it.  However the President ignores the fact that there are other “laws of the land” in effect that apply to the funding of Obamacare, other laws that the President ignores when it is convenient  and historical precedents for Congress to defund dangerous government actions.

First, remember that there is a large law that supersedes all acts of Congress: the U.S. Constitution. The Constitution grants to CONGRESS the power of appropriating funding for programs.  Thus it is entirely within the purview of the “law of the land” to not fund a bad Congressional act that the representative of the American people deem dangerous.  That is why the founders created a divided government in the first place: to prevent one branch or one powerful leader from abusing their authority. Our government was not constructed as an instrument of active power to grant benefits to the American people. Our government was constructed as an instrument with limited power to prevent it from abusing the natural rights of individual Americans.  Thus it is appropriate that a majority in Congress exercise their Constitutional authority (the”law of the land”) to not appropriate money to Obamacare.  This is similar to the actions of Congress to defund the Vietnam War in 1973.  Certainly, it would be appropriate for Congress to defund Obamacare now before its rationing programs cause the premature deaths and extended suffering of tens of thousands of Americans rather than to wait for nearly a decade as was done with the Viet Nam War where 50,000 Americans were killed and hundreds of thousands wounded on our side only.

Finally, what laws has Obama blatantly ignored?  He can’t tout that Obamacare should be supported as “the law of the land” when he so frequently chooses to ignore so many other laws of the lands. Here is the SHORT list of laws that President Obama ignores. Please feel free to add more through the comments section.

  • The Debt Ceiling – The President ignores the law that says Congress should not incur more than a certain level of debt and demands Congress to ignore this “law of the land” by taking Congressional action to alter it.
  • Right to Trial (drone strikes) – the President has executed American citizens without trial by drone strike.
  • Freedom from NSA Searches – the President monitors phone and email traffic of Americans without probable cause or a search warrant.
  • War on Libya – the President launched hundreds of Cruise missles at Libya without an act of war by Congress and without reporting to Congress within deadlines under the War Powers Act.
  • Gun Running (Fast &Furious) – the President put dangerous military style weapons into the hands of Mexican drug lords in a failed sting that killed two American border gaurds.
  • Border Security –the President is issuing executive orders to allow illegal immigrants to stay in America.

Finally there is an even bigger set of laws that the President and big government types ignore: The Ten Commandments. 

Most pertinent are: 
1. You shall have no gods before me. For progressives, government is their “god” and they put it before God every day. They elevate themselves above God and therefore think they can elevate themselves above other men.
6. Thous shall not kill – see above on wars started and executions of Americans by drone without trial.
8. Thou shall not steal – the govenrment steals from one group of people all the time to “redistribute the wealth”. 


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  1. Ron Thompson

    The affordable care act (dubbed "obamacare" by its detractors) IS the law of the land. It was passed by both houses of congress and signed by the president. Refusing to fund a standing program, whether ACA, CFPB, EPA, OSHA or refusing to appoint necessary staffing to fill established departments of government whether that be the CFPB, NLRB, ATF, SEC, Federal Judge or Prosecutor positions, is defying the oath each member of congress takes at the beginning of each term: to uphold and defend the constitution of the United States. Any member actively using their office to harm the daily operation of our government, rather than legislating their desired change, should be impeached or put on trial. There is a way to change government, it is called governing.The "defunding" of Viet Nam is a perfect example. It was not done by a minority of legislators in one branch, a few ideologues ready to shut down the government, at a cost of hundreds of thousands of jobs while bringing tumult to international financial markets. Viet Nam was "unfunded" through leadership. Through legislation. The same way that congress has "unfunded" the closing of Guantanamo despite the president's wishes. It is legal. It is moral. It is good governance.The "debt ceiling" is an anachronism, with no equivalent in real life. The president has said he expects congress to control spending. They should control it during the budget, appropriation, special appropriation and emergency appropriation process. But once congress has spent the money, it is immoral to jeopardize the full faith and credit of the United States by simply refusing to pay the bills. It has never been done. It is destructive. It does not control spending, as that money is already spent. Last time the house delayed raising the debt ceiling, US bond rating were downgraded. Again, participating members of congress should be impeached.Drone strikes are regularly used against "enemy combatants" in cooperating countries as part of the "war on terror". Of the thousands of such strikes, less than a handful were against avowed terrorist leaders, deep in enemy territory, planning and leading further destruction against the US that happened to also be US citizens. They were free to return to the US (or a neutral country) to stand trial in a US military or civilian court and avoid a drone. Also, all Americans would support a "conventional" attack in these lands: Rummy's Shock and Awe, Dresden carpet bombing, Nam napalm, which would have indiscriminately taken out AQ leadership (including those rare US citizens), and killed thousands or millions of innocents and even leveled entire cities. The ability to "target" enemy leadership in enemy land is not about who you kill, it is about the millions you spare.The NSA has monitored domestic messages since the "PATRIOT" act. Civil libertarians & ACLU warned us and even the slim protection of the FISA court was ignored in the past. The president has committed to use NSA power as promised, for foreign nationals only. But the PATRIOT act must be repealed. It was not Obama or any democrat that ran on "noun, verb, 9/11" or morphed the face of a disabled Vietnam vet into the face of OBL. Where did 9/11 fear come from that resulted in the NSA program?Cruise missiles launched into Libya were part of a NATO deployment and were not the president acting as a "Cowboy". The war powers act require the president to react to quickly changing world situations.Fast & Furious investigation declared it a local program, created by agents frustrated by NRA supported laws that restricted tracking or even finding obvious guns purchased for export to the Mexican cartels. The solution seemed to be slip traceable guns into that NRA created pipeline; a bad idea in retrospect that resulted in penalties against participating agents. You can believe that or not, for some no proof will ever be enough. Some people still don't believe the president wasn't born in Hawaii.Dreamers: Congress has not allocated enough funds to capture, detain, try, and deport every single illegal immigrant. Some will (more under Obama than ever before) but not all. So what sequence should our scarce funds be spent? Shall we deport illegals alphabetically? By height, age, eye color? The current system spends scarce money randomly, based on the order illegals are encountered. Obama intends to use order of highest threat. With limited money, lets deport thieves, drunk drivers, wife beaters, gang members, and the like. If in January, you find a school valedictorian we currently spend time and lots of resources to process them with the same priority as every other illegal. "No plan" is not a plan.Biblical issues? Really?From the party of Newt Gingrich and David Vitter wailing that adultery in office demands resignation, while that very night they were in a strange woman's bed? The party of anti-gay crusaders found to have same sex liaisons and an anti-choice legislator badgering his paramour to terminate a pregnancy. Leaf through that book and find the line about "let him without sin cast the first stone"Government is not an entity to liberals, governing from a mandate is a process. Many conservatives want to "drown government in a bathtub". Progressives view society as a way to create a floor for all Americans, to never again see pictures of faces from the dust-bowl, the depression, the hoovervilles. A floor, ensured by our mutual compact gives each of us the chance to earn our own individual outcome, whether that be a starving poet or silicon valley millionaire, a suburban family with 2.3 children or a downtown metrosexual. Without a floor, the least of us either give up, or turn to desperation, which time has shown is an insanely expens

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